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Hunger after a workout is not unusual - basically it is your body signalling that it needs to be refueled. Swimming in particular is common for this, as you can lose a lot of body heat, and digestion helps generate heat.

Don't fight this, but rather go with it. Pre-plan a healthy post-workout snack as part of your overall calorie budget - ideally a combination of carbs and protein.

As for your overall intake, 1200 is the minimum most nutritionists recommend for women, and higher levels of activity can increase your needs above this. If Spark is recommending 1500, then there are sound reasons for this.


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10/21/13 9:00 P

Water workouts tend to make you hungry. Can you reserve a small snack for after your workout?

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10/21/13 4:42 P


My name is Heather and I have a question for Spark_Coach_Jen

I LOVE to swim. All winter I go to the local indoor pool. In summer when we are camping, I use outdoor pools at the campgrounds. Sometimes my swimming is at beaches.

A week and a half ago...I got THE SPARK ...and I love it~ I have named it Shrek ( because I felt Shrek never gave up and in the end he won~~Besides I loved the movies!! emoticon )

When I go swimming with The Spark...when I come home and check my Activity comes up as something other than swimming...( I understand why it does this...this is NOT what my question is hang in there...I am just long in the mouth.. emoticon )

So I *reclassify* to the workout I actually did. I call my swimming...* swimming,leisurely* because this is what I feel I have done...
I swam back and stopping...from the shallow end to the deep end and back...and forth etc....My arms and legs are in constant motion in order for me to keep moving...sometimes my actions represent the crawl...sometime te butterfly...sometimes the backstroke....BUT always in a leisurely manner
( HEY~~I am 65...and have just learned to swim so I am not about to try lapping...not even moderately...LOL )

OKAY~~ FINALLY...My Question...

When I reclassify my swim to swimming,leisurely...I get a whopping number of steps~~ Steps I DO NOT feel I deserve to get....

WHY? is the conversion of my time swimming,leisurely....equating to so many steps?

It seems really infalted to me. I have used conversion charts for some challenges and they are the same...the equation of steps does NOT seem realistic for the amount of excertion done for the swim.

Example~ today I swam for 82 minutes...that would give me 9,594 steps~~HUH emoticon
Doesn't see right eh?

I want to Earn my 10,000 steps honestly...I want my swimming to count for something...but I want it to reflect an honest number...I feel these numbers for the water are really bady inflated.
For water jogging ( NOW this is NOT a difficult thing to do...I have done it myself )..but the conversion for 82 minutes is even bigger than my swimming...@ # 12,792 steps!
SAY What?...

PLease see if you can tell me why they convert so high and let me know if it is possible for the powers that be can re- look at these...???

Right now...I am classifying all my swimming time to *treading water moderately* just to reduce the steps....I may go check out other activities to see if even that is being fair to myself or still over inflated...

emoticon for any info you can give me...

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10/20/13 2:54 P

How much are you drinking during the day? When do you eat relative to when you are swimming?

Probably the best solution is to have a healthy snack planned so that you don't grab something that isn't good for you. What about a nice, fresh, crisp apple? Fairly high in carbs but lots of fiber so they are filling. Apples are also delicious this time of year and very portable.

I frequently swim 1-2 miles (actual miles, not swimmers miles) and don't get hungry afterwards.

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10/18/13 11:56 A

Thank you very interesting thread

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10/18/13 9:16 A

You're hungry because you need to eat more! 1,000-1,200 isn't enough calories for hardly anyone. Stick with 1,500.

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10/18/13 9:15 A

If you can eat after swimming, eat like you would after a normal workout. I was always hungry after I swam when I was younger. Now I just plan to eat when I'm done. I usually end up with a meal replacement shake after I swim, then follow it up about an hour later with some fruit.

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10/18/13 9:11 A

Well yes, the more calories you burn... the more calories your body needs. Have a post workout snack planned that includes carbs and protein. You can stop the hunger by eating something. You should *never* deny true hunger. When you are hungry, you eat. Just learn the difference between actual hunger and cravings or emotional eating.

Sparkpeople is likely correct that you should be consuming 1500 cals. Anything below 1200 cals and you would not be meeting your nutrient requirements. I'm not sure what "SandeeBee123" is but any diet plan that recommends below 1200 cals for a woman is not a safe plan to be following. If you are working out then even 1200 cals is likely far too low and you will probably find yourself starving all the time and more susceptible to binge eating.

"Starvation mode" or the starvation response can occur during any prolonged calorie deficit and is often misunderstood. It just means that your body tries to adapt to the calories you're taking in by burning less calories so you would not be losing at the rate you expect. There is no "set" number where your body exhibits the starvation response but you are more likely to feel its effects in prolonged extreme calorie deficits.

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10/18/13 9:07 A

I would recommend following SparkPeople's calorie recommendations. 1000-1200 calories is not enough for someone who doesn't exercise at all, much less someone who is active.

Coach Jen

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10/18/13 8:49 A

I have tried using the elliptical but found that it was so hard I dreaded going to the gym. Now I go to the YMCA and water jog. According to the calories burned swimming/treading water burns more. However after I leave the pool I am starving. What can I do to stop the hunger?
Also, according to spark I should be consuming 1500 calories however according to SandeeBee123 I only want to consume 1000-1200 calories is that enough to stop my body from going into starvation mode? emoticon

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