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10/3/12 10:00 A

The Pacific Ocean

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9/30/12 10:00 A

You guys are lucky, I live in a small bedroom community in South Florida and there is only 1 full length (25 yd) pool in town. It's at the Family Y about a mile from my house. The next closest pool is 15 miles away (too far for me to ride on my bike everyday).

Luckily for me the beach is only 10 minutes away so I swim there 3 days a week. At 48 years old I'm trying to get my open-water time down to 8 minutes for 500 yards.

Good luck finding a swimming hole that fits into your budget.

JUICE to you!

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9/30/12 12:26 A

They have a lap pool at my gym. I have swam on the cheap at pools at various high school facilities that rent out lanes in the evenings.

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9/27/12 2:55 P

Depending where you're located there are different options: YMCA, JCC, or a local college/university. You'll have the greatest flexibility of when you go with the YMCA. You might pay significantly less for a membership at a local college or university, but with more limited hours for swimming. Pricing in my area is pretty much identical between the YMCA and JCC.

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9/23/12 9:40 P

What's the best way to get access to an Olympic size pool? YMCA? Community center? Where do you swim?

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