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3/5/13 11:32 A

Eating sweets can be difficult. Especially if they are sugar free. Most of the time I may want more and eat more than the serving. So now I focus on getting enough water which cuts my craving for sugar in half. I love aquafina 10 calorie pear flavored water. It is delicious and refreshing. I have been told by my doctor that I cannot have sweets not even juice. Although I am not diabetic, I need to find a way to satisfy my watered down sweet tooth somehow.

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3/5/13 11:18 A

I eat sugar free jelly (jello, gelatine dessert) every day, it means I can have a "treat" as dessert and feel a meal is finished for 20 calories a bowl full.

It keeps me happy!

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3/5/13 10:14 A

Hi Melissa :-)

I just started too - a month ago (I have about 20 pounds to lose accumulated over three pregnancies). As others have said, the nutrition tracker is the best place to start. Start by tracking a 'normal' day. I was soooo surprised to see how I often lack protein and fiber - no wonder I could never seem to be satisfied - fat and simple sugars don't keep you feeling good for very long they just pack in the calories. Once I started tracking - I could see what I was missing in a day. I have noticed if I put an effort into getting the right balance, I'm not really hungry very much. And I feel so much better. This was really a lightbulb moment for me! A healthy diet DOES make you feel good - There's a reason it's called junk food - no nutrients and lots of calories. I've also noticed that I am really starting to appreciate the natural sweetness and more subtle flavors in fruits and veges. Good luck!

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3/5/13 9:41 A

Here is an article with some information to help you get started!

How to Start Eating Healthier
15 Simple Ways to Eat Better Today

Coach Tanya

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3/5/13 7:17 A

I'd second the suggestion to use the Nutrition Tracker. It will show you pretty quick where your choices are overloading you with carbs, or fat etc. There isn't any reason why we can't eat chips or a candy bar or whatever-- but it's important to see how those things affect our nutrition. Moderation becomes the key thing.

GO YOU for deciding to make some changes!!

3/5/13 12:26 A

3/5/13 12:24 A

Try the food tracker to get your carbs, proteins and fats in the right proportion but most of all eat food that has nutrients...

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3/4/13 11:53 P

Hi, I'm new to this. I feel like I really want to make a change in my life. I'm not really overweight or anything like that... but I am sick of eating bad. I can eat candy bars all day, chips, sandwiches that have a load of bad things in them, etc. I just want to eat healthier. I'm turning 26 in a month so I feel like it's about time I start but I feel like I'm going to miss out on the "good" foods. Any ideas how to start eating right without feeling empty or like I'm missing something?

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