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Sweet Tea

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3/15/13 10:50 A

As a former employee of McDonalds, they do use 5 pound bags of sugar for the gallon of tea. Also some places are going from the granulated sugar to the liquid sugar. I would recommend getting the unsweet tea and asking for a sugar packet.

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3/14/13 7:40 P

I always make tea at home, a gallon at a time, and I use a half cup of sugar to a gallon, which tastes just right to hubby and me. He complained when I quit measuring it and inched up to nearly a cup per gallon, so now I use my measuring cup to ensure that we only have a half cup, and it tastes just wonderful.

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3/14/13 3:19 P

When I make tea at home, I use a cup and a half of sugar to a gallon of tea. That makes it sweet, without overpowering you with sugar. (There's no such thing as a "real southern tea" recipe... we all make it differently!)

That's 128 ounces of tea, and at 8 ounces a glass, here's the info I got when I run that through the recipe calculator (16 servings per gallon):

Calories 71.4
Potassium 6.3 mg
Total Carbohydrate 18.8 g
Sugars 18.8 g

Looking at their website, their 150 calories and 36g of carbs is for a 16 oz cup. So cut that in half.

The actual amounts for an 8 ounce cup is 75 calories and 18 carbs. So they're using a bit more than I am, so you're looking at roughly 1.5 cups of sugar per gallon.

(There's a reason I don't drink sweet tea with sugar anymore. LOL. Very rarely.)

Still less than a coke, though.

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3/14/13 2:27 P

Real southern sweet tea has one cup of sugar to four cups of tea. I imagine they make their sweet tea like that.

Since to me it tastes sweet enough to pour on your pancakes.

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3/14/13 12:20 P

you can also have them mix it -- add half sweet tea and half unsweet i used to do it all of the time, but now I just get the unsweet and drink it plain once in a while

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3/14/13 12:18 P

My God that is a huge amount of sugar. I am thinking that I will just get unsweet and add my own sugar if I get one.

Thanks for responding.

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3/14/13 12:10 P

The amount of sugar they put in their sweet tea is HUGE. At home you probably use, what 2-3 teaspoons of sugar? They use 3-4 times that amount.

I was in the drive through one day and saw them dump a 5 pound bag of sugar into the tea container. I'm guessing that's why the calorie difference.

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3/14/13 12:02 P

So I am wondering how McDonald's gets their calorie & carb count for their sweet tea. I did the recipe calculator for my tea that I make at home, and it is only 31 calories per 8 ounces. Why is McDonald's so high?

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