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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 24,401
2/3/12 6:40 P

Some people sweat.
Some people - like me - do not.

I can be pushing to the max, and nothing.

I DO drink more water than most people... LOTS of it and as cold as possible. It is the primary way for me to cool down. Spinning for 45 minutes can see me take in at least a liter of ice cold water during class, a half liter before and another liter after class,,, all in an effort to not overheat/pass out.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,412
2/3/12 6:22 P

Sweating is just on method the body has of getting rid of excess heat. The others include allowing more blood to flow to the limbs (rather than being restricted to the head and tors)o, and allowing the blood to flow closer to the skin - these allow body heat to escape more easily. Different people have different balances between the sweating mechanism and the bloodflow mechanisms.

However, if you workout regularly, you will find you start sweating earlier in your workouts. Basically, your body comes to 'expect' you to ramp up quickly and anticipates having to get rid of excess heat. Basically it is trying to get ahead of the curve, rather than playing 'catch up' when your body is already hot.

As for drinking and sweating, I suspect that it is the other way around - people who sweat more, drink more water to replace it.

And it is hardly surprising that people who aren't as into the moves aren't exercising as intensely, and therefore aren't generating as much excess heat, and therefore aren't exercising as intensely.


2/3/12 4:51 P

Some of it is activity level, but a lot of it is genetic.

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2/3/12 3:44 P

Well one cannot do a whole lot right now because she has had vertigo issues and there is so much that cause dizziness, but yeah some others kind of do low key versions of what the instructor is doing and I am getting all into it haha.

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2/3/12 3:29 P

Sadly. I see this in most of my classes. No one wants to look dumb by going all out. Personally I think it is dumb if you don't! If I am going to work out I am going to make it count!! :-)

Work it girl ;-)

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2/3/12 2:38 P

You know, that is true, I have looked around and noticed that the couple people that are barely sweaty do not get into the moves as much as I do. I really do try to get into it!

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2/3/12 1:47 P

I find that the more fit I get the more I sweat during my workouts!! I definitely sweat more in my Zumba class than any of my other workouts (which, considering I do a number of boot camps and step aerobics, it really surprised me!!)

Our instructor let us know that the difference in burning a lot of calories or a little is how much you are engaging your abs and really moving your core! Perhaps you are just working it better than they are?! Enjoy the sweat, you are working hard and that's exactly what you want to be doing!!

2/3/12 1:18 P

emoticon Welcome to the "sweat buckets" club. I need a towel by my side during any workout (even yoga). I start sweating within 5 minutes and don't stop after. When I leave the gym it looks like I just finished swimming. I've always been a big sweater...I don't know why.

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2/3/12 1:08 P

I used to break a sweat walking across my student 1 bedroom apartment when I was badly out of shape. As I've gotten fitter, certain exercises will still make me sweat buckets, but not from low exertion things any more. Other things that used to make me sweat in my unfit days: changing the sheets on my bed, bringing groceries into the house, walking up 1 flight of stairs, you get the idea.

but some people are just sweatier than others. In cold weather, if I do a low intensity workout (long run), I won't sweat. I once ran 15 miles in winter and my clothes were bone dry.

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2/3/12 1:05 P

I sweat like I took a shower during Zumba more so than any of my friends. I mean it is bad lol. I never really realized that I am a big sweater in the past, just more so lately, especially with Zumba (a hard Zumba class too). Do people sweat more because they drink more water than others (bc I do) or more that I am unfit more than others or more so just a genetic thing? I just never noticed in the past.

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