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5/17/12 3:23 P

Everything that is out I searched for them on Amazon and I see it can be purchased as a set?

JENMC14 Posts: 2,709
5/17/12 3:18 P

Are there new ones, or are your referring to the old Richard Simmons ones? I remember my mom had some when I was younger (along with Jane Fonda), and I think I thought they were fun.

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5/17/12 3:11 P

Does anyone do Sweatin to the Oldies? I love my Zumba, and walking, and Wii fit but wanna switch it up a bit, I have asthma and am very overweight so wanna start with simpler exercising. Was thinking of purchasing the Sweatin to the Oldies. Anyone have any advice to offer or what they think of these DVDS? emoticon

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