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6/18/13 2:57 P

I love sushi- I am late to this one, but my 2 cents:

If I have sushi, it is a "cheat meal" and I won't worry too too much about it! But I do order my main order as sashimi if I am thinking about what I eat, and I only order the raw rolls or pieces- no funky "philly rolls", volcano rolls, etc., unless it is as a small part of the overall choices i am sharing with family./friends.

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6/18/13 7:34 A

Thanks for the responses everyone. Sushi was delicious, although not as good as it could have been. I was really hungry by the time we'd gotten there. With travel and working I had been on the clock for 18 hours and it was 8pm and hadn't eaten since noon. There were 3 of us and we all ordered what we wanted and shared everything. I ordered like 6 different sashimi, the plain sushi, but everyone else ordered rice covered rolls unfortunately. I did pretty good about sticking to eating my plain fish, but I was hungry and the ricy rolls tasted so good I had a couple pieces more than I would have liked to. Wish we had more options for actual sushi sitting on our table. I also enjoyed a very delicious seaweed salad. I'd call it a success, just maybe half a roll too much of the grazing, but I ran out of plain sushi.

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6/18/13 4:03 A

Sticking to avocado rolls or cucumber rolls usually works for me. They are very simple, and don't have fattening ingredients like cream cheese.

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6/17/13 6:24 P

I love going out for sushi with my boyfriend, and our favorite place lists pretty well the ingredients for each, so I can pretty easily avoid the ones that have mayo in them. I opt for ones with more veggies/avocado and non-tempura (fried) rolls. If you're lucky too, there may be brown rice options. I have yet to find those, but it will be a sushi field day when I do! Enjoy!

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6/17/13 4:36 P

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6/17/13 4:26 P

With the maki rolls, you'll have to order the full roll usually - but not to worry. A kappa maki (cucumber roll) gives you 6-8 little pieces and is only about 125, 150 calories. You can make that work. With nigiri, you will order by the piece. What will stop you with these is not the calories, but the cost ha ha! I have a nice sushi bar where I live, and the nigiri is 2 bucks (or more) per individual piece. Oof!

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6/17/13 3:56 P

Wow Bunny, Thank you so much. That is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. Seems I was pretty close on my interpretation of the menu. You were pretty spot on with what I want to do. Order some Tuna or Salmon Sashimi as my main, then 2-3 interesting nigiris and maki sections. I hope I can order Maki by the section instead of being forced to go with an entire 6-8 part roll since there's only 2 of us.

And thanks for the warning about the spicy thing. I HATE it when I spicy food uses a chipotle mayo or something like that for the flavor. I have no problem eating higher fat than spark says, but when I go out to eat I want to enjoy a steak or something natural with my fat calories. Not copious amounts of soybean oil.

I do definitely like the miso soup (eaten at the combined jappanese steak house before) and I can get my spicy fix from the wasabi no problem. Thank you so much for your response!

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6/17/13 3:34 P

Sashimi is just the raw fish, no rice. So it's a great choice.

Maki is rolled and sliced into rounds. Usually simple maki (tuna, salmon, cucumber, egg) is a small-diameter roll, you get about 6 pieces, maybe 8. There are also many kinds of jumbo rolls, some of which are *not* great choices. They are much bigger in diameter (meaning, lots and lots more rice, not to mention fillings) and tend to include some more calorie-dense fillings like cream cheese, japanese mayonnaise, avocado, salmon skin, or even deep-fried tempura shrimp. Now, still, if that's the main portion of your meal, one fancy maki roll won't kill you - but be aware.

Nigiri is the little pod of rice with a piece of fish lying on top. Nice presentation, but yes, high rice content :)

You might want to try and construct a plate that incorporates all three (sashimi maki nigiri). Get some tuna sashimi, a cucumber maki, and 3 pieces of nigiri with interesting toppings (fish roe or salmon are beautifully orange, octopus if you don't mind chewy (and tentacles staring at you).... lots of restaurants put out little sushi-guide cards so you can see what they look like, and get a variety of colours/textures. The esthetics of the meal really add to the enjoyment.

What I really try to avoid is anything labelled "spicy" - this always seems to involve some spiced up MAYONNAISE gooping up my sushi, or artistically drizzled all over the top of it. And it's not even spicy in the way I think of spicy, in fact usually not hot-spicy at all. If you want heat - use the wasabi (blend some wasabi with soy sauce to your taste and use as a dip). Avoid the mayo! Just say no to "spicy scallop roll!"

You could perhaps start off with some miso soup (about 100 calories, good protein, flavourful, satisfying). You could even toss in some tempura vegetables (yes, deep fried, but usually very light).

It is very nice if you are dining with someone that is willing to share... many Japanese restaurants by default will put all the sushi ordered at the table onto one big platter, from which you each then help yourselves - if you can do this, you can experience a lot more flavours (you pick 2 or 3 things, your dining partner picks 2 or 3 things, and you get to have a little taste of 6 different things!).

Wow. I suddenly want sushi really badly lol. Enjoy your dinner :)

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6/17/13 3:26 P

It kind of looks like you know what to do, already. Limit the rice. Eat the fish and veggies. There are typically sashimi platters that are a good way to go. And, pick your battles....don't avoid really yummy things, just don't pig out on them.

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6/17/13 3:18 P

I'm going to a sushi restaurant tonight and would like a little guide to help me order. Buzzwords to look for and to avoid basically.

I know the rolls are generally loaded with too much rice, and nigiri is a little piece of sushi on sticky rice so neither of those should be the main part of my meal. Any others? Is sashimi the plain sushi? Hoping that if I order that I can get a little more actual sushi. What's a maki roll? Looks like another rice roll but with cream cheese added mainly? And are there any sauces that are high in sugar or fat I should watch out for as well?

If I could get a guide on some good things to order and things to avoid (fried, more rice than fish, ect.) I would greatly appreciate it

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