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Surviving Dairy and Soy free? Docs orders

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Posts: 175
1/16/13 3:03 P

I did dairy free when I was nursing as well. I did not have to do soy free, that is more challenging.
Basically, you need to know all the names dairy and soy hide under if you are going to buy ANY processed foods (bread, cereal, pasta, salad dressings, etc.). I have not found a bread that is both dairy and soy free, so you could make your own if you can find energy.
I would focus on foods you can cook yourself. Look up Dr. Sears elimination diet recommendations and some tips (askdrsears dot com).
You can eat meats, rice and other grains, fruits, veggies, nuts etc. if you are only eliminating soy and dairy.
Also, when you go out to eat, make sure to ask what the ingredients are and make sure to specify no butter on hamburger buns, steak, and other such places. You may be amazed at how many restaurants use pre-packaged foods rather than cooking themselves. I asked what was in the batter for onion rings once and they brought out the store bought plastic bag the onion rings came in!

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1/15/13 10:15 P

My son has a sensitivity- still BFing but avoidingsoy and limiting dairy. Lucky for me, He has no issues if I eat cooked cheese (melted completely for example). strange. But milk or uncooked cheese, sour cream give him reflux & BM issues. Large amounts of soy make him vomit, poor kid. Paleo recipes are usually dairy & soy free, if you need ideas & recipes. Good luck with the nursing... Hope all goes well :)

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1/15/13 5:11 P

As someone who does have a soy and dairy issue (long with nuts and fish/seafood) reading labels is a big thing also 90% of processed foods on the market contain soy in one form or another most breads contain soy as so most sauces

Food Allergy listing, not 100% complete but makes for a good start in general

Good listing is What to look for when going Soy Free

Posts: 410
1/15/13 5:07 P

If it's just cow's milk and soy, can you have goat's milk? Oftentimes people that can't tolerate cow's milk do fine with goat's milk. Otherwise I'd stick with almond milk or coconut milk. Personally, I avoid soy at all costs - almost all soy in this country is genetically modified and can cause hormonal and thyroid problems.

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Posts: 137
1/15/13 4:44 P

Look up vegan recipes. They will automatically be dairy free, and you can check the ingredients to see if there are any soy ingredients. I find it's easier to find dairy free recipes searching that way, rather than typing in "dairy-free, soy-free recipes." You can pretty much find a recipe for anything that you like, just using different substitutes.

Posts: 734
1/15/13 4:39 P

OP here: yeah, we went to ER yesterday due to blood in his stool... ER docs ruled out other possibilities. Thankfully our Ped wants to take a measure approach and see if its a sensitivity v. allergen (compared to ER docs who wanted to end BF- almost broke my heart). Glad to hear that I may be able to have SOME dairy, but I really do want to be able to continue with BFing... so Im willing to do whatever it takes. Ill get more info from Ped, do my research and consult dietician if it comes to it. Thanks all!

Posts: 354
1/15/13 3:35 P

Not an expert but if both soy and dairy allergies I would suggest eating clean - eliminate processed food as so often unless you read labels carefully you could be eating something that you/baby are allergic too. Of course it depends on the severity of the allergies but you can never go wrong eating clean. You would be surprised at the amount of vitamins and calcuim in veggies you have had a bunch of suggestions already on the main ones (Kale is a real hidden gem) - cows milk is not necessary for anyone. As far as protein - Meat, Fish, Poultry are always easy choices.

Posts: 26,008
1/15/13 3:26 P

I assume your infant is fussy when consuming your breastmilk???

This is usually more of a sensitivity/tolerance issue; not a true allergy. Do check with your doctor! Often the mom does not have to eliminate rather, "cut back" Soy is very easy to avoid. For the dairy--initially find other food choices for the milk that you may need for drinking, cereal, cooking: rice, almond, hemp, etc. Make sure it is calcium and vitamin D fortified.

You may discover that milk is out; but you can have a slice of cheese or a yogurt on occasion and there is no problem. Check with your doctor.

If it remains an issue---ask for a referral to see a dietitian.

SP Dietitian Becky

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Posts: 4,763
1/15/13 3:14 P

collard greens arugula...turnip greens.... google fruit and vegetables high in calcium

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Posts: 4,763
1/15/13 3:10 P

almond milk... 30 % calcium, salmon, and vegetables.... kale, brocolli,.and almonds...

Posts: 734
1/15/13 2:16 P

Hi! Im a BF mom whose baby most likely has a cows milk allergen and potentially and soy allergen, so I am having to eliminate all soy and dairy from my diet in order to continue breastfeeding (very important to me). Does anyone have any tips on eating a dairy and soy free diet? How to get enough calcium and protein? What are some good products to buy? Places where these products hide? Anyone else survive this kind of diet- tips, suggestions, warnings? Thank you!!

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