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2/6/14 2:55 P

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the feedback! I feel a lot more grounded in reality than I did yesterday. I just did a workout on my lunch break so I'm feeling better physically too.

2/5/14 8:55 P

I too work in a place where "being fit" is prized. Here's the thing, while many of my coworkers are thin, run marathons, and appear to be super healthy, many of them have eating disorders, engage in unhealthy activities, and are a complete train wreck.

Don't focus on them. Also, if you notice that they are engaging in unhealthy activities, don't let them suck you into that world.

Thin doesn't always mean healthy. Sometimes we forget that.

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2/5/14 6:04 P

I agree that it doesn't help to compare yourself to others. Another thing is, these people work at a fitness center. They probably have access to use the equipment, and no excuse not to get in a work out every day. Being fit is possibly even a job requirement (if they are trainers). The good news is, all these things now apply to you as well if you can take advantage it.

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2/5/14 5:33 P

There is nothing wrong with being curvy.

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2/5/14 5:30 P

and when you get to know your co-workers, you may find that some of the ones with the best looking bodies a) don't work out b) eat junk 24/7 c) smoke like chimneys d) some combo of the above. Speaking from experience.

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2/5/14 5:22 P

You are already a really healthy weight for your height. You said you are 'curvy' - are your colleagues (women) mainly 'stick' figures, without curves. It sounds to me like you might be comparing one body type with another, and we can't do that.

Your clothes may be a bit firm fitting, but that doesn't mean that YOU are an unhealthy, or even an undesirable weight. It just means you were thinner when you bought the. I would be more inclined to get some new clothes that embrace your figure now.

Why don't you get your body fat measured with 9 point skin calipers.? (Make sure that the person is fully qualified to do it) It is quite possible that your body fat is already a really healthy %. Be guided by that.


2/5/14 4:55 P

That's a good point - I guess I WOULD prefer being surrounded by people who will offer encouragement rather than bringing in sweets all the time and pressuring me to partake!

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2/5/14 4:46 P

I would rather have that than a place where everyone is bringing in unhealthy foods, ordering out, not exercising, etc. If they are successful, perhaps their healthy habits will inspire and encourage you. Run your own race. If you feel better lighter, work on you for you, not because you feel bad about yourself or feel a need to compete.

I have a very low body fat percentage but a lot of muscle and a large frame so I look bigger than many of my peers. Even at your best version of you, you may still not look like them and be the curvy girl. The clients will be more impressed if you care about them and deliver excellent service than if you are skinnier than a co-worker. Make that your focus.

2/5/14 4:44 P

Thank you for your reply. Of course you're right! I tend to make assumptions that things are going great for other people if it seems like they have their act together. I know that's not necessarily true. And it's a good reminder that I have value, and it has nothing to do with my weight.

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2/5/14 4:36 P


We are our own worst critics. Flaws we see in ourselves, no one else sees. No matter how perfect the figures of those women around you may be, I can assure you that they have the same self esteem issues that every one has. The grass is always greener on the other guy's lawn. We think because a woman is beautiful, her life must be perfect. But that is not the case.

Do a google search on Christie Brinkley. a super model. has looked fabulous her entire life. A remarkable business woman. What happened to her ? Her last husband cheated on her with a teenager. Halle Berry, considered one of the most beautiful women, she too has had men cheat on her. WHO cheats on Halle Berry ?

Which is the point. Being beautiful or thinking someone is perfect does not mean their life is perfect. You don't know what those women may have to do to maintain those figures. We also make assumptions that if someone has a nice figure, they must be healthy. Not so. How many super models have admitted to smoking ? starving themselves ? purging ? drugs ?

That's why you can't compare yourself to anyone else. You are a UNIQUE woman with a lot to offer the world. Do not let the scale determine your self esteem or emotional state for the day. There is more too good health than a number that stares at us from between our toes in the morning. Good health comes in many different shapes and sizes.

You have VALUE.

2/5/14 4:18 P

Hi everyone, I have been on SP for years now and have read lots of good advice. I'm currently on the heavier end of the healthy range on the BMI (5'6", 147 lbs) but I feel more comfortable when I'm about 7-8 pounds lighter than I am now. I was already having a bit of trouble feeling comfortable in my body (my clothes aren't fitting properly, for one thing), but this week I started a job at a fitness training / rehab center where everyone is in great shape and it's really getting to me. I know I need to just stick to a healthy weight-loss plan and not worry that I'm the curviest girl in sight, but it's tough. I feel like I suddenly got a whole lot fatter just by stepping in the door to work. : / I guess I'm just needing a little encouragement.

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