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11/14/11 6:41 P

yup. It stinks. Thats the only way to put it.
But you know, really, NO food is off limits you just have to limit your portions and have things as an occasional treat. we are here for you!!

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11/14/11 2:32 P

Just because they can eat a lot and not gain weight, that doesn't mean they should. Overeating unhealthy food is bad for you. Period. Obesity is considered a malnutritive disease because people eat nutrient-poor food instead of the healthy, good stuff. The people in your life are still putting themselves at risk of having health problems even if they don't gain weight from eating junk food.

JBARRON00 Posts: 21
11/13/11 10:03 P

Unfortunately, I think this is a totally common frustration. There's always that friend, family member or boyfriend that can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound. The worst is when that particular person openly brags about it (makes me want to smack some sensitivity into them). I just have come to the sad realization that my body is just different. I HAVE to be more strict than others or I will not fit into that pair of jeans (someday) that I dream of. Nevertheless, in reponse to the post about the girlfriends who always encourage her to eat more...I think girls do this all the time (especially my friends) because THEY don't want to feel bad about what they're eating or how much they're eating. As hard as it would be, telling them no or setting an example of good portion control might encourage them to take a hard look at their habits and encourage them to have healthier habits also.

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11/12/11 11:24 P

My situation isn't exactly the same, but it's similar. I seem to be surrounded by friends who eat anything. Some of them can get away with it, but many of them can't except they don't let it stop them. Actually, it's a wellknown fact that whenever my friends all get together food is involved.

That means that the idea of saying no to a second helping or even to going out to eat in general is unheard of. They mean well when they say, "Oh come on! Order another drink!" or "Eat those fried clams! Come on! You'll love them!" They mean well, but it really is unhelpful.

Personally, I think I need to just make my goals and desires clear and try explain that the support I need isn't encouragement to eat a second helping but encouragement to keep at making healthy decisions. The truth is that we need to do what works for us. If others can eat whatever, good for them, but I know I can't. So I have to do what works for me. Sometimes it's frustrating because I feel left out, but then I just focus on who I want to be, the sort of life I want to have, and how good THAT will feel, and that usually helps.

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
11/12/11 7:34 P

One of the great reasons why SparkPeople are here for you. We all have issues similiar to that, or at least know where you're coming from. You can vent here at any time, and someone is bound to have some support, or let you know you aren't alone in this.

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11/10/11 4:52 P

I am finding that a big challenge for me right now is that everyone around me is thin, fit and blessed with apparently miraculous metabolisms that make it so that they don't ever have to think twice about what they eat. For instance, my boyfriend can eat two generous helpoings of chicken alfredo, eat a huge bowl of ice cream, and then follow it up with half a box of cookies and a bowl of yogurt. That's not even exaggerating - I watch him do this time and time again, and have not ever seen him put on an ounce. Me, if I think about the word "chocolate", I put on 3 pounds.

I'm just venting, but it really is so hard to be the only one who has to watch what they eat, while everyone else can indulge around me. I don't hold it against him, and am grateful that 1) he is so fortunate and 2) loves my food enough to eat it in great quantity. It's hard to explain to people why I really can't indulge in a second slice of cake "just this once" or that I can no longer define a midnight bowl of chili as "living it up a little".

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