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MARYLIZ54120 Posts: 370
10/22/13 12:13 P

It is not true, you can lose weight with exercise and clean eating, without supplements. I've done it both ways. However, I was plateauing, so I added in some supplements and it has really helped me. Everyone is different.

10/21/13 4:57 P

Thanks Kris. I appreciate your input.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (241,072)
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10/21/13 1:55 A

Apart from my 8,000 mg of Omega-3 Fish Oil supplements and the occasional Benefiber (both prescribed by my Dietitian) I don't enter the supplements into my tracker. I only do with the fish oil because I generally eat a very low fat diet, and that boots it up by 8g, PLUS I have to take into account the 80 calories that is contains. The benefiber is low on calories BUT I record it because of the fibre which I track (again for my Dietitian.)

As far as trying to track all the other nutrients, I don't really see the point in it unless your Dr or Dietitian has requested it, because they are in a lot of foods that we eat, but that isn't legally required on the nutrition labels. It has been known to get a few people really concerned thinking that they don't get enough because of this.


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10/20/13 8:20 P

I take supplements but should i add them to my tracker? Maybe calcium or multivitamin? Anyway, a doctor prescribed calcium at one time but I still take it since I'm lactose intolerant. Another doctor prescribed Glucosamine Chondroitin for my Osteoarthritis. I try to eat well, but I have trouble keeping track of what foods I need in order to get all the nutrients required. I need a cheat sheet emoticon

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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
10/20/13 6:27 P

who ever told you that was plain WRONG..........! You don't need supplements if you eat a healthy diet.........and just want to loose weight........and be healthy.

10/20/13 3:32 P

Gotta agree that the "no point unless you're supplementing" is a really stupid comment. Trainers are not really trained in supplements which is very much a personal choice... eat as healthy as you can. I can't argue with the d3 and k2.... my supplements are mostly cancer prevention.... or probiotics

FREEDOMFIT30 SparkPoints: (9,138)
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10/20/13 11:27 A

Thank you all so much for your feedback!! I appreciate it!!

YACHTSMAN SparkPoints: (1,521)
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10/20/13 10:05 A

I take a few supplements that are difficult for me to obtain through diet. I do what I can to obtain nutrients through eating well, but that isn't always possible. The main supplements I take are fish oil, vitamin K2, and vitamin D3 the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D3 in particular is nice to supplement with I've found as it has been good to me with helping keep winter blues at bay, additionally I seem I catch fewer colds, and from what I've seen of late D3 might be helpful with weight loss.

One of the articles I've read on this:

"Is D the Next Get-Thin Vitamin?"

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,194
10/20/13 8:30 A

We get many vitamins from food, so if you are eating properly and eating food with plenty of nutrition, a balanced diet & you are healthy.... there shouldn't be a problem.

Sometime Diabetics need supplements because they are usually low in Vitamin D, the B vitamins, and magnesium, as in my case.

Growing children, especially fussy eaters may be recommend by their doctors.

Some pregnant women do not get the recommended vitamins or minerals that protect them.

Bi-polar disorder has been linked to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

One of the prime sources of nutrition is fruits and vegetables....maybe focus on a diet high in protein, vegetables, healthy fats....etc.

A regular diet covering all major food groups is sufficient to provide your system with the right sort of vitamins and minerals

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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
10/20/13 2:35 A

Gotta agree that the "no point unless you're supplementing" is a really stupid comment.

If you are doing a lot of strength-training type workouts then you definitely do want to make sure you get adequate protein. If you're actively working on building muscle, you'll want to keep to the middle-or-higher of your spark range for protein. But you can do this with Regular Food, no protein powders required!

ANARIE Posts: 13,175
10/20/13 1:45 A

"I had someone tell me that there is no point for me to workout since I am not supplementing"

I try not to use this word often, but... That's just stupid. Really, it's dumb. The only people whose workouts might benefit from supplements are those who are trying to GAIN weight and get extremely, visibly muscular. And even for them, supplements *might* (but probably don't) help, but it's certainly not true that workouts are useless without them.

The only people who actually need any kind of supplement are vegans, who need certain B vitamins. Some people can benefit from calcium supplements. Beyond that, unless you have a measurable deficiency, you don't need supplements to get exercise!

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (241,072)
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10/19/13 11:59 P

Most people can get what they need from a healthy, balanced diet and some exercise, and don't have to have supplements whether you work-out or not. A lot of people can't take certain supplements because of health issues and/or certain medications that they are on. This is why it is best to check with your Dr first.

This person who told you that is talking a load of bunkum - disregard it.


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10/19/13 11:23 P

What are your opinions on working out and taking supplements? I currently had to go off all supplements due to an allergic reaction my doc has yet to pinpoint. I had someone tell me that there is no point for me to workout since I am not supplementing...I personally disagree because I have lost weight in the past without does anyone else have an opinion about this?

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