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12/11/12 2:19 P

I still take the supplements per my doctor's orders. I guess as you age, you need more and most times we do not eat properly to get the nutrients we need. I am beginning to remedy this since I've joined this program.

I REALLY LIKE IT!!!! emoticon

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12/11/12 12:25 P

Only supplements I take are by doctors orders. As of now, I need to add a Calcium supplement and Vitamin D supplement to my diet twice a day. Apparantly not drinking milk because you don't like it is not so good for you. And yogurt just isn't enough. Other supplements out there, if your careful are okay, but go with all natural. Most of that crap is not good for you whatsoever. And just plain doesn't work. A healthy diet, no matter how hard it is, and I know how hard it is. Still struggling, is better.

FORDIE7 SparkPoints: (65,822)
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12/8/12 8:12 P

Thank you for this update. This is something I have done for many, many years and still do not see any difference when lab tests are taken. I generally am within the limits of the norm and thought this was due to the supplements.

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9/11/12 10:40 A

You may also want to read this Spark article on supplements. You may find it helpful.

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9/11/12 7:22 A

I'll give you my two cents :) I work with a reputable DC in a wellness clinic and we are CONSTANTLY trying to explain to people why OTC supplements aren't great.

- First and foremost society has convinced us all that whole fats, carbs, and whole eggs are bad for us - when thats actually false. Healthy fats & carbs are essential to your body's health and natural balance. - As the saying goes, everything in moderation.

As for the supplements... those are extremely dangerous. You wouldn't knowingly wake up and take a tablespoon of cholorine, miracle grow, etc in the morning... OTC supplements are unregulated which really comes down to the fact that there is no telling what you are actually ingesting.

For peak performance and a healthy and sustainable weight loss and maintenance it's best if you ditch the pills and focus on a healthy and balanced diet. Feed your body what it needs - and you'll see a significant difference. Weight loss isn't meant to be instantanious, it's meant to be a slow and steady process.

I say toss the pills, utilize SP, and you'll still see results. Carbs aren't the enemy... the chemical substances that companies try to sell us are. - Theres no telling what thats doing to your kidneys, liver, heart, - better to just drop em :) Good luck to you!

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9/10/12 3:14 P


Coach Nancy is quite correct. In the 1990s, DSHEA was signed and deregulated the supplement industry. As a result, supplements are not required to do the same rigid testing as required by the drug industry. This means that companies that make supplements do not have to provide testing to ensure that their products are safe OR effective.

It's one thing for your doctor to tell you to take a one a day vitamin. That's different. These quick fix weight loss pills are pretty useless. They are nothing more than a placebo. There really is no over the counter pill a person can take that will help them lose weight fast. If there were, we wouldn't have an obesity problem in the US.

Weight loss is a slow steady process that takes time. Carbs are NOT the enemy !! Your body needs carbohydrates to function properly. I would toss out those pills. They are not effective. What is effective is a healthy diet combined with some regular exercise. No pills necessary.

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9/10/12 3:01 P


Know that supplements are not regulated by the FDA or any other agency therefore as long as they do not promise to cure an illness, they can make promises that do not have to have any backing. Know too, that many of these so-called weight-loss supplements may be dangerous...think ephedra and first generation Hydroxycut...both of these over-the-counter supplements promised weight loss success, however, when people started dying from cardiac issues and suffering from liver failure were these supplements pulled off the shelf.

The best thing to do, is follow a healthy diet and exercise program. There is no quick way around it.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

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9/10/12 1:56 P

Iam currently taking a raspberry Keytone and Carb Blocker called
DeCarb GCX. Any thoughts on that is it safe or effective?

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