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6/18/13 7:47 A

Awesome review GDBEAR!

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
6/18/13 6:47 A

Wow, GDBear - thanks for doing the research on the ingredients.
I was going to suggest that - to see if there was something in there that was causing the boating, or discomfort.

Many times when things are promoted exclusively for male/female - you're better off avoiding them and going with a more generic item, because it's mostly a money grabber, I've found.

That may not be true in EVERY circumstance, but it's good to be careful

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6/14/13 10:49 A

I've never had that supplement, but Shakeology by Beachbody is fantastic!

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6/14/13 10:30 A

Had a look at the label and product features - calcium is good but most people need more magnesium - this product has only 100mg which is not enough. Only soluble fiber is added - you need both insoluble and soluble. The Omega 3's are plant based so you won't get any real benefit from them - plant based Omega 3 takes the form of ALA which is converted by your body to EPA and DHA - the conversion is very inefficient resulting in perhaps 10% of ALA actually converting to EPA and DHA. It is loaded with artificial sweeteners. Protein content per serving is low - only 6g. I think you'd be better off just taking a good broad-spectrum multivitamin and it would probably be much easier on your budget too.

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6/14/13 4:07 A

Online Now  • ))
In another thread someone has said that if the diet is good you don't need them. I wouldn't and don't plan do.

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6/14/13 1:02 A

Never tried it--and definitely don't plan to....

The only "supplemental" products I use are Fish Oil, Multi Vitamin, Vit D...per my Doctor.

I think there's a lot more joy in finding good simple foods than paying extra $$$$ for something you don't really need! Spend the money on better veggies and meat instead!!

NINA-AKANE Posts: 72
6/13/13 9:20 P


I'd like to know your thoughts on "Women's Ultra Mega Maximum Nutrition" dietary supplement (powder) from the GNC store..I'm not sure where else it is sold..But I have tried it before and personally, my body didn't get along with the product.

I took it for about 2 1/2 weeks and I recently stopped because I constantly felt bloated and I was getting a lot of tummy aches. I drank plenty of water as I usually do..I guess it just was not my match..( I try my best to eat kosher foods..I eat three meals a day with healthy snacks.)

If you have had a good or bad experience regarding this product, then I would like to hear what you have to say...If you know the benefits and/or the dangers of it then that would help me as well. Sometimes shake mixes work for people and sometimes they just don't.

Also, I'd like to know which supplemental products you use and how they are working for you. Thank you! emoticon

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