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9/20/13 8:25 A

You would be wasting your money on this supplement.
There is no such thing as a pill to "burn away" carbs.

Save your money! Instead treat yourself to a new exercise DVD. Then you really can burn calories and carbs, lower triglycerides, etc.

your SP Registered Dietitian

9/20/13 8:18 A

Don't take any supplements that claim to speed up fat burning, they won't. I will also add that all supplements, even vitamins should be discussed with your doctor first. Even "all natural" herbal supplements can still have interactions with medications that you are currently taking. The best thing for high triglycerides is regular exercise and cutting back on carbs and alcohol.

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9/20/13 5:20 A

I agree with the pp - run a mile!!!

Once you start to muck around with things that claim to do this sort of thing, you are putting yourself at great risk rather than allowing your body to do what it is designed to do .......... with good nutrition and exercise. If you are concerned with how your insulin works or anything else along those lines, check with your Dr to see if they are working properly. If they aren't, then they can be dealt with appropriately and safely.


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9/19/13 7:51 P

As soon as something is being sold as a product that will "burn" away ANYTHING, you should turn and walk the other way. Walk very-very fast, and you might even burn a few calories during your escape!

This stuff says it contains "five difficult to come by" ingredients. I look at the ingredient list and see two very commonplace spices (cinnamon, fenugreek) and 3 more items that are probably just as un-magical if i bothered to look up what their fancy-latin-names translated to. These things are not going to "burn" anything but a hole in your wallet. Total rip off scam.

9/19/13 7:44 P

I know as a general rule, SP doesn't recommend supplements. IC-5 touts itself as an insulin enhancer. So you take two tablets before consuming carbs and it helps to "burn them away". Has anyone used this? Did it work? Did it help? Were there side effects? I take synthroid, have kind of high tri-glycerides and it sounds good. But at $69/bottle, it's expensive and I don't want to waste money or have to chase their money back guarantee.

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