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1/26/13 11:20 A

Here's the thing about "superfoods".

They're not really "super".

There are foods that have great nutritional content for your calorie buck. ONe that comes to mind is avocado. It has tons of healthy fat, great vitamins, etc. It is not going to cure cancer, make you lose weight, or anything else. It's simply a healthier choice and a good nutritional boost if you like it. They may contain more antioxidants, or have tons of vitamin C for helping to boost your immunity, but they aren't going to magically do anything for you that anything else can't.

Stick with the superfoods in the grocery store, not the supplement sellers and pyramid schemers.

Here's some *real* superfoods:

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1/26/13 7:46 A

there is no difference between Mila seeds and chia seeds, aside from the astronomical cost of mila seeds. It is a pyramid scam company. Don't get sucked in!

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1/26/13 7:10 A

Mila seeds are plant based omega 3's...and increased consumption of omega-3 fatty acids leads to a decrease in insulin resistance. Save your money, I buy Chia Seeds at Trader Joe's for $4.99 a bag...Chia Has soluble and insoluble fiber that slows down your body’s conversion of starches into sugars....basically doing the same thing...also I recommend eating at least two servings of omega–3–rich fish, such as wild salmon, herring, mackerel (though not king), sardines, rainbow trout, or even Pacific oysters, each week. Also, speak with your doctor about incorporating fish oil supplements into your routine if you want omega threes....much cheaper. Hope this helps.

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1/25/13 9:16 P

I thought this article was pretty helpful, without slamming it too much:

I have never tried (or heard of) Mila seeds, and I am admittedly wary of a lot of network/direct marketing products, especially those that make pretty incredible claims (like "curing" depression or IBS). I'd say save your cash until the marketers of Mila seeds have hard research to back up their claims.

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1/25/13 9:03 P

Someone suggested Mila seeds to my wife and say they are 10x better than chia seeds, checking out the price on Amazon we also noticed it is 10x more in price. Have anyone tried Mila seeds are they really worth the 50+ asking price?

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