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ELISADEL Posts: 662
4/10/10 10:07 P

When I worked up to liking nuts recently, I did it by buying a little tin of mixed nuts and just picking out a few of them (starting at 5 little pieces of nut and just eating it along with something else I was going to eat that day. Your brain and your body learns to like what you taste repeatedly, and so long as I stuck to a small amount it wasn't overwhelming.

TWOOFTHREE Posts: 1,138
4/10/10 6:47 P

Take salads as an example, I used to hate eating them. Used to say it was like eating grass. Used to always prefer cooked vegetables.

But then I tried. Started off with iceberg lettuce and then tried different combinations of leaves and dressings.

I'm never going to be an all out salad person, but now I can eat them once or twice a week.

So don't eat wholewheat bread if you really don't like it. But try some other foods and you'll soon discover things you do like. And also, your tastes will change as you go.

GAILRUU Posts: 10,209
4/10/10 6:37 P

I read recently that sometimes people who have eating issues might be Obsessive Compulsive and the texture of foods is very difficult for them to cope with. I have an eleven year old granddaughter who has this problem. I just thought I would mention it since that can be part of the problem.

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4/10/10 6:28 P

I am with Twoofthree on this one. It all a mindset issuse. Its like telling ourselves we are ugly for along time and we start to believe it.

Positive talk and thought is a big thing with eating what is healthy. I have never thought that whole grain bread was like cardbord but if I kept telling myself it was like cardbord then yah I probably would think it. My question is do you eat alot of cardboard to know it tastes like it or has the texture?

Open your mind and you open your world to everything.

TWOOFTHREE Posts: 1,138
4/10/10 12:54 P

It's all in your head. If you keep telling yourself that you can't eat this and that or that you don't like it or that you're bored then you won't.

you have to adopt an openminded approach.

I'm eating stuff that I never ate before. And I'm actually liking it.

4/7/10 1:36 P

I am a pretty picky eater as well but have learned that trying some of the recipes on here and altering when needed have helped to find a more satisfying meal to eat than just eatting like a rabbit. 1 that even went over with my kids was the creamy italian chicken in the crockpot. I serve it over yolkfree egg noodles and it is rather yummy. Also look up glitter grapes, it is like eatting candy. Good luck to you.

JRIOS825 Posts: 91
4/6/10 1:13 P

Hey Guys,

So I am a REALLY REALLY picky eater... always have been ever since i was a kid... i always hear thing about whats good for you to eat and this will help keep you full... and this is a great balance of this... thats all fine and dandy... but honestly... i dont eat half of it... i don't like nuts... i've had to get used to whole grain bread b/c i hate grainy textured foods... i feel like i'm eating cardboard... it took me so long to actually get a taste for greens so i can eat a SIDE salad... a salad for a meal? yea right... not satisfying at all for me... i like veggies, but i can't do raw veggies with like ranch dip or whatever... ugh... i like having my veggies cooked... i have accepted that i may just have to eat food i dont like... but then here's my next problem... if i dont really like a food... i lose my appetite... i'll take a few bites and i just dont want to eat... or at least for the moment... then i just get hungry faster cuz i didnt really eat... and i'm not going to want to eat what i already tried to eat and didnt want... so i go for foods that i would rather eat... still healthy, but more of the preferred of the healthy choices i make... but then my meals just become too repetitive... and i get tired of eating the same exact things day in and day out... and what happens... i'll end up going out for a meatball sub or something at the pizzeria one day... or maybe have 2-3 slices of pizza... something... i know it doesn't hurt to indulge yourself every once in a while, but i just dont want to get caught up in thinking that on a regular basis... and then eventually just start eating "bad" foods more often than i should... ugh... wish i just liked everything... LoLz...

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