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2/3/12 11:43 A

Funny...I thought this was an ad at first when I initially read the first line or two. Then I saw who posted it and that it wasn't just a link to something somebody was spamming. emoticon

2/3/12 8:59 A

Super Bowl… Can’t go?.... No problem.
YOU can still have the same chili as being served on Sunday at Super Bowl XLVI.

This link will take you to the EXACT same chili recipe being served at the Super Bowl. Three varieties will be offered: vegetarian, beef, and pork.

Patty, a friend and local farmer of mine, of Langeland Farm in Decatur County Indiana was chosen to provide the grass fed beef and organic red beans for the chili served this Sunday in Indianapolis. Other ingredients in the chilis were also homegrown by local Indiana farmers. A totally cool adventure!

All Patriot and Giant fans can obtain the recipe at:

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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