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Super Bowl food

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2/3/13 11:17 A

I totally agree. I'm also looking at it as a meal, not a grazing table. Thanks for your thoughts.

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2/3/13 10:34 A

Lots of celery and carrots, low fat Ranch dressing, baked Buffalo chicken wings, light beer.

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2/3/13 9:29 A

BECCIY: that is my lifesaver dip...even my 4 year old loves it!!!

We are doing veggies and greek dip, fresh fruit, 7 layer dip, chips and salsa and pizza rolls.

(I stick to the veggies, fruit, salsa and baked chips only)

I may splurge and have a beer..but I have made it one week and one day with no alcohol so I kinda want to keep my body cleanse going).

Posts: 79
2/3/13 7:43 A

I'm bringing dip made with plain greek yogurt and dried ranch dressing with some veggies to dip and Special K crackers. When I made this dip the first time I was surprised at how good it was!

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2/3/13 7:19 A

There are a lot of commercials on tv that scoff at the idea of vegetables at a Super Bowl party-- but the actual fact is, that people DO eat a lot of vegetables at those parties. In addition to eating a lot of everything else. Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest food comsumption day in the US (after Thanksgiving).

I think for me, the biggest thing is to think of it as one meal, choose foods wisely and fill ONE plate. Is isn't a 3 hour graze.

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Posts: 464
2/2/13 10:55 P

Thanks for great ideas

Posts: 935
2/2/13 9:43 P

If you make your own pizza crust you can really control your calories. I think a lot of people think pizza crust is daunting but Wolfgang Puck has an easy recipe you can find online.

You can then pick your toppings. I generally will skip a sauce and brush olive oil over the crust, add kosher salt, black pepper and parmesean. Then I top with toppings. I like fresh roma tomatoes and fresh milk mozzarella. When it comes out of the oven I will top with arugula (generous serving).

Of course, you can do what you like! That is just me, I like veggie pizzas mostly.

Posts: 965
1/31/13 10:00 P

Edamame from the freezer section, roasted tomatoes with garlic and olive oil, roasted zucchini with lemon pepper, roasted chic peas, roasted okra, kale chips.

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1/31/13 9:15 P

Those are really great ideas. For my DH we will be having pizza. My serving will be about 350 calories but I will have a big tossed salad and one light beer.

It will just be he and I so I don't have to deal with other party food.

Good luck. Wish I could be of more help.

Posts: 935
1/31/13 8:05 P

Lots of veggies and fruit, cut up with appropriate dips and dressings. Olives and whole grain crackers. Making a main dish? Tacos are easy to make healthier, as are fajitas. You could check out sparkrecipes for snack and meal ideas that could be crowd pleasers.

Best of luck!

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Posts: 464
1/31/13 7:59 P

Any ideas for healthy Super Bowl food

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