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2/3/13 8:07 P

Welcome to Sparkpeople! This website has tons of great resources and even more people here to support you on your journey! Good luck!!!

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2/3/13 8:04 P

Hello and Welcome
You will love it here. SP is an awesome site with everything you need to help you reach your goals. Members are really supportive and helpful so don't hesitate to ask questions.
Being active on your Spark will help keep you accountable and motivated. Plus, it's a good way to make new friends.

Best of luck to you. You can do it!

Northern Ky.

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-Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

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2/3/13 7:13 P


I am new here and decided to join Spark to lose weight and get healthy. It's not going to be easy I know but I will do this. I have a long journey ahead of me but I hope to make friends along the way.

Take care and enjoy what is left of this Sunday!

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