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9/21/13 10:52 P

I'm o.k. With the smell.

REJ7777 Posts: 4,027
9/21/13 3:33 P

I think that most sunscreens smell really nice. I guess it must be a question of individual taste.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,419
9/21/13 3:08 P

I agree I don't like the smell of some unscented sunscreens

SUZIEQUE77 SparkPoints: (9,271)
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9/21/13 10:31 A

I really don't like the smell of it either. But I can tolerate that better than some smells. Even so, one time my husband and I went to a Hooters in Nashville on a hot day. Those women were wearing sunscreen and apparently sweating too. Their stench literally made me sick.

I would look for something that smells like cocoa butter or coconut. I like those fragrances.

I hate hate hate the smell of baby lotion and baby wipes (which often also include adult moist wipes for cleaning hands of whatever).

I bought Suave "unscented" moisturizing lotion once. It has that same nasty smell! I bought cocoa butter lotion and to me, it smells much better. Good luck with this because I hear you and know it is not pleasant to put stuff on your skin that, to you, has a nasty smell, even if others say they like the smell of it.

SUNSET09 SparkPoints: (527,293)
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9/21/13 8:51 A

I use the Avon sunblock/screen products and although some are scented, I've never noticed it! emoticon

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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9/21/13 7:30 A

Are you kidding? I love the smell of sunblock, it reminds me of summer and the beach! I just don't like putting it on 3 kids and myself every single time we go outside (which is very often in the spring/summer).

I like the way Hawaiian Tropic smells the best but then... I like the smell of sunblock. Have you tried the spray cans? I haven't bought one in awhile but I *think* they don't smell quite a strong.

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9/20/13 9:07 P

I've never found one I like the smell of.

JBALDWIN29 Posts: 5,136
9/18/13 2:12 P

I hate the smell, so I don't wear it much.

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3,293
9/18/13 1:35 P

I think that it would work even for oily skin--it is very light and non-greasy. I put in on in the morning, after my shower. Just use a tiny dab--maybe the size of a dime. It is light enough to wear under makeup, and I say that as someone who HATES the feeling of lots of goop caked on my face

I like the sensitive skin type--it has even less smell than the regular. Trader Joe' makes a product similar to the Olay moisturizer but a bit cheaper...I don't have a bottle handy now, but I think it is called Refresh or something similar.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (241,182)
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9/18/13 1:21 P

Aveeno Positively Radiant is not real heavy. It's SPF 15

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
9/18/13 1:17 P


Is the Olay Complete something I could use with oily skin? If so, it would be convenient because it's readily available in stores. I did try the Neutrogena Daily Defense moisturizer with sunscreen, but it made me shiny and, well, for lack of a better word, "slick." It was like I'd developed a mini oil slick on my face (just like my teenaged years, where this was a daily occurrence). Can/should someone with oily skin even use a moisturizer? My skin seems so moist already...

I guess I'm hoping for something that actually really dries on my face and stays there (without traveling onto my glasses, my eyes, my hair, etc.), as opposed to something that forms a moist layer.

I really, really appreciate all the help and suggestions so far.

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FIRECOM SparkPoints: (0)
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9/18/13 1:02 P

I have never used sunscreen but now that I am having chemotherapy, they have instructed me to use it. I still haven't and have no inclination to do so. We all grew up just fine without it.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (241,182)
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Posts: 14,782
9/18/13 12:58 P

there are LOTS of daily body lotions that have sunscreen, and they don't usually have a sunscreen smell. Check the labels the next time you are in a drug store or grocery store. Unscented lotions usually have a strange odor to me, so I tend to avoid those products.

the Oil of Olay one that I use DOES smell like sunscreen (which is fine with me, as I said in my previous post) Regenersit maybe? It's in a tall red bottle.

have you looked at Aveeno? I love their products. Everything I've used is very light and clean smelling.

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LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
9/18/13 12:57 P

RUNNINGYOGINIRE, which of the EltaMD sunscreens do you use? There are several to choose from.

I had NO idea that how a sunscreen reacted with my skin could cause it to smell more sunscreen-y. Wow...

None of my friends wear sunscreen on a regular basis (they also don't like the smell/feel). I've smelled/tried the sunscreens they have in stock and, yep...all smelly and mostly greasy feeling.

We had an incident last year with sunscreen that was pretty unpleasant. We went to the Renaissance Faire and my sister put some on. It was a warm day, but not horribly hot. Shortly after applying, she turned into a sweaty, drippy, greasy, super smelly mess. I think it completely ruined her day and she hasn't worn sunscreen since then. She was truly a mess and it had to be miserable. I skirted from shady spot to shady spot and did not wear sunscreen. Also not a fun way to spend a day and I got a little burn anyway...

If I can find something that's odor-free and really light to wear/non-greasy/non-heavy, I'll bet at least some of my family and friends will start wearing it too.


AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3,293
9/18/13 12:51 P

What you need is a daily moisturizer with sunscreen. I've used Olay Complete for years (almost 40 and no wrinkles!) and it isn't sticky and doesn't have a smell. I put it on my face AND hands.

It's only SPF 15, but that is enough for year-round, everyday use. If I know that I am going to be outside for extended periods I will add a stronger sunscreen all over.

9/18/13 12:42 P

I like EltaMD. It is light and no stinky!

07SOJO Posts: 1,652
9/18/13 10:31 A

Good luck with finding a odorless, fragrance-free sunblock/sunscreen! emoticon

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (241,182)
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Posts: 14,782
9/18/13 10:30 A

emoticon emoticon I love, love, love that Coppertone smell!

hope you find something that works for you

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,771
9/18/13 10:24 A

I don't mind the Neutrogena dry touch, but it is all about how it reacts with your skin. You may want to go to your local natural foods store to sniff their sunscreens. You may find those more tolerable. Also, have you tried baby-formulated sunscreen? That tends to be milder.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,236
9/18/13 8:06 A

i've gotten that response with that neutrogena as well. i think it's less of what comes out of the bottle and more how it reacts with your skin once you heat up a little.
honestly i would start by sniffing as many of the options as you can in store. you should be able to rule out some of the worst offenders. and you could also try places that have a person [either drugstores or cosmetics counters] to ask for personal help from people who actually know something about this. the higher end places may even have samples you could try. i know clinique's daily moisturizer has little smell, but it's pretty greasy [and i don't have oily skin]. i'm not sure if using something that dries out your skin before the moisturizer would be an option for you, but those would be the people to ask. you might also be able to wrangle some samples by directly emailing the companies about the products and asking questions about what might suit your needs.
and if there are any friends you feel comfortable with, ask them what they use and if you can try a little. on the one hand, it sounds a little weird. on the other hand, all of my friends know i have sensitive skin and issues with fragrances so they are used to me sniffing around at things and being a little off. it certainly beats being red and bumpy and irritated.

9/18/13 4:12 A

That smell takes me on a mini holiday!
Coconut sunscreen, happy times!

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
9/17/13 11:05 P

Thanks for the suggestions so far.

I'm pretty sure it's the sunscreen smell with the Neutrogena. It's the dry touch ultra sheer SPF 55 that I've tried most recently. It actually doesn't say fragrance free on it (to my surprise, as I thought it did), but it smells very strongly like sunscreen--I put some on the other day to go outside and my husband walked by me about an hour later and said, "oh, good, you're wearing sunscreen." He didn't even walk that close by me, so it must truly be really smelly. I have some of their spf moisturizer as well. You are absolutely right that the moisturizers tend to smell less than the sunscreens. It has a very faint scent of sunscreen to it and I could probably live with it, if I had to. My husband says it smells like lotion. The bad thing is that it leaves my face feeling greasy and I get that shine... I have kind of oily skin, so I get the shine pretty easily.

Honestly, I know next to nothing about skin products. I've always avoided them all (have never been able to stand the smell or feel of stuff on me) so I have no idea about anything related to cleansing (except bar soap, which I guess is a cleanser--I've used Neutrogena glycerin soap for years), toning, exfoliating, makeup, lotions, moisturizers, sunblocks/sunscreens or anything like that. I've never worn or used any of these except for sunscreen when I've really felt that the choice was wear it or burn (okay, I did wear a little makeup to my wedding and on maybe 2-3 other occasions in my life so far). But, I've decided that I really have got to start wearing some sunblock on my face and arms on a daily basis (not just on those few occasions per year where I'm out in the sun for several hours at a time, put it on and then spend the day miserable because of the smell, feel and shine). I don't want to end up with skin cancer and I think that my sun avoidance habit tends to wear thin on my family and friends sometimes.


I'm convinced there has to be something out there that's going to work well for me, but I just have to find it. I'm hoping I don't end up with a drawer full of unused sunscreen as I hate to buy things and not use them (my bank account wouldn't thank me for it, either). I've taken some time and, in addition to the suggestions here so far, I've found a couple of others that sound interesting, but they are online so I can't smell them before buying... Has anyone tried any of the Elta MD products? This brand seems pretty popular on Amazon. How about the Essential Solar Defense spf 30 sunblock pads by beautyrx? What about chemical vs mineral (zinc oxide or titanium dioxide)?

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,236
9/17/13 10:29 P

with the neutrogena are you sure it's not just the neutrogena smell? because all of their face stuff smells like that to me, not just the sunscreen. the healthy balance with spf smells a little less like that. or rather like that but not as strong.
i'd also say to aim for a moisturizer with spf rather than straight sunblock across the board. i am using an olay moisturizer with spf and it just smells like olay to me. again, that's something that i think has a certain scent that everything in that brand has.
the only other option i would suggest is to keep sniffing until you find one that has a scent that you like that covers it up enough. panama jack and ocean potion have some different scents and my two smell sensitive family members swear by those brands [though each can't stand the scent of the other's preference].

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BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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Posts: 2,954
9/17/13 9:24 P

If you google holistic non scent sunscreen, you will find a host of scent free sun blockers.

ANDILH Posts: 1,543
9/17/13 4:41 P

I use a Neutrogena daily cream that has SPF 50 in it. I tend to reapply it a couple times a day as I burn extremely easily. I honestly don't know if it smells. I don't pay that much attention to it because without it I burn to a crisp pretty quickly. I wear it all year round.
I hope you're able to find something that works for you.

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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Posts: 2,545
9/16/13 10:06 P

Gee, I thought the smell of sunscreen was an aphrodisiac!

I have a friend who dislikes anything with an odor and she likes the No-AD sunscreen. I'm so used to it that I don't even notice it anymore lol! I wear the 100 proof and reapply every hour.

There are clothes that have sunscreen embedded in the fabric. I bought a couple of long sleeved t's from Amazon for 20 bucks each and they work great! I haven't burned through them yet.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
9/16/13 4:59 P

I really want to wear a sunscreen or sunblock and I want to be consistent about it--daily use would be my preference.

But, I just cannot stand the smell of sunscreen/sunblocks. If I wear one (even a fragrance free one), the only thing that I can think of is the smell and I spend the entire time miserable. It's also not something that I get used to no matter how many days in a row I put it on.

The ones with added fragrance added smell like the fragrance, but I can smell the sunscreen smell underneath that. The fragrance-free ones smell just as bad to me--like sunscreen. I really dislike smelling like stuff and I find the sunscreen smell to be particularly offensive. To me, fragrance free definitely does not equal odor free! there a sunscreen that does not have an odor? Do I have any option other than becoming a vampire and avoiding the sun completely or working the night shift and sleeping all day in a darkened room?

By the way, I've tried the Neutrogena dry touch, fragrance free sunblock but I can really, really smell it (and so can the people around may be fragrance free, but it's not odor free).

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