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11/4/11 3:05 P

If you ask him to choose between her and you. You will lose because he will resent the fact that you put him in that situation.

From what I can tell from your prior posts you are not willing or able to accept the fact that she is French and they do things differently there. She will not change who she is or the fact that she considers some of your American traits irritating, stupid or just plain wrong. It is time you made a choice are you willing to work around who she is ??

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11/4/11 5:03 A

A deadline for what???

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10/23/11 6:38 P

It started a nice day, and Nic's mother called , to complain about me not working (i have to wait until after we r married to get govt. Permission) but to get away from this drama, Nic took me to a Chàteau to walk around on the grounds was nice, children playing, couples walking hand and hand, and I thought, this is how its supposed to be, simple. But his mother will not allow it, she is not stopping the insults- now I'm lazy..I put myself through college,have worked all my life and purchased 3 homes..but "i'm lazy"..i am thinking of giving Nic a deadline ,what do u think ? emoticon

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