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I am just hoping the transition of my Mom leaving her house and going into an assistant living home goes well today, she leaves at 2 today. I do not celebrate Cinco de Mayo anyhow, but I would make a mexican dish if we did not have the stomach flu.

I love Moss landing in California, are we talking of same place near Monterey? I used to stay there quite often as my FIL used to have a boat docked there. Please share the route it sounds like a great place. I loved buying the fresh cod off of the fisherman right there at Moss landing and going and frying it up on the boat. Omg will go back soon but the boat was sold so no fish fry there, but will buy some to bring home for sure.

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I posted in the wrong area, oh well...busy site and I will learn

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emoticon zucchini, water and bananasNot celebrating Cinco de Mayo or any of the 'food' festivities. Actually, people my age are like 'ehh'. when I was a kid, it was not a celebrated holiday. I do celebrate the 4th of July with the US Independence tho!

I loaded the kayaks and off to Moss Landing as soon as my friends arrive. There is a slough where a lot of the sea lions and otters hang out and of course a variety of birds so I will get exercise that route. Bringing yellow squash zucchini and lots of H20...

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