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5/21/13 11:29 A

Summer here tends to be when we have had our first 100 degree temps and it has been summer here for weeks.

It sounds to me like you are looking for ideas that can help you move more without damaging yourself. The new SP Solutions book has these things they call NEAT minutes that are actually just taking advantage of any extra movement that you can work into your day. They aren't official "exercise". Anything that increases your movement will increase your calorie burn.

So I ask you - what movement can you increase? Do you have a physical therapist that you could ask for suggestions?

And it takes time. Patience can be the most frustrating requirement.

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5/18/13 8:58 P

Yes, and love the sunshine and warm temps!!

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5/18/13 7:58 P

It's been in the high 80's the past week and I am so thankful! I'm disabled due to spinal injuries, Lupus, Fibromyalgia and a list of others (over 50 being I was bedridden for two years and gained 85 lbs. I was once so active I never sat still. I ran 5 miles every morning, rode my horse at least 4 X a week, rock climbed with my friends regularly, also worked 10 hrs a day) then the car accident and it was all gone (including my job, horse and friends). My doctor is no help, he doesn't want me to do anything but swim, because he's concerned about my deteriorating spine (the actual vertebras are deteriorating). I've managed to lose all but 25 lbs, which refuses to budge. I adjusted my food intake in order to drop the 60lbs, but I can't adjust it anymore or I won't be eating at all. With the summer comes the ability to get a bit of exercise, we have a community pool which I use daily during the few warm months we get. I'm just so frustrated that I'm unable to lose the last 25lbs. :-( I'm also going in next month to have my 4th neck fusion, and I'm having surgery on my arm this month. I've gone through 15 back surgeries and am so tired of surgeries..ugh! If anyone has some ideas to help rid me of these last pounds, please help.

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