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Thanks for all of your feedback and suggestions. I will pass them along.

The quick track idea is a good one, it just takes technical programming with each article. We don't always have the tech resources available to help with that, which is why it's only on the videos.

Here's a FAQ that explains how to edit manually entered foods:

If you click on Articles and Videos and go to Lifestyle Centers, we do have a Maintenance section with lots of good information. But I agree more tool options for maintainers would be nice.


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First. For articles with workouts on them we should have a quick track button available. Like the video pages have. It's much easier that way, so it's more motivating to do those workouts. This way you don't have to have the article in one tab, and the fitness tracker in another going back and forth between tabs to enter all the exercises individually. I just read the SP blog entry for the 5 minute wake up call work out, and while it's appealing in thought, I probably won't actually do it out of the hassle of tracking.

Second. Is there a way to change information on foods WE add to the nutrition tracker? If not, there really should be. I messed up the name on one, and another I want to remove entirely. It's the calories in how I make my coffee, but I changed how much I drink. I'm the only one who would have used it, but now I don't need it. The one where I messed up the name would be easier to track by grams so I want to change that too (since I couldn't find an option to allow tracking multiple ways, servings/grams/etc). I'd rather not have to re-enter a whole food for a small change, and it would still have the problem of deleting the incorrect one.

Third. I get that this is primarily a weight loss site, but what comes after loss? Maintenance. When you reach your goals, your weight goals is still tracking loss and gains. There should be multiple options on the myspark weight goals page. Loss, of course. Maintenance (not just the signature ticker, a real maintenance tracker option), and I think weight gain should be an option too.
Some people want to gain without being unhealthy, or using risky supplements, and it'd be nice to have that option for people. It'd open spark people up to a community of anyone trying to achieve or maintain a healthy body instead of feeling like once you lost it, you're done here. I'm done trying to lose, and I'm trying to gain strength, and seeing "you've gained x lbs" on the start page is discouraging even if it's probably muscle weight. It'll take time to balance out, and figure out where my body will be when I reach my goal. I'd rather not feel kicked in the teeth while working on that. How about "you've maintained for x days" instead (meaning you stayed within five lbs in either direction of your maintenance weight)?

I know someone will say "there are other sites for people who want to build more muscle/gain weight." Most of those sites are garbage. Been there, seen that, want no part of it, nor do I want my boyfriend who wants to gain to be part of it. There's no tracking, no focus on health, and the forums are full of people talking about what dangerous supplements, heavy metal filled protein powders, and artery shredding fat burners (since less fat means more definition) they swear by. One I was on from a fitness magazine had multiple threads promoting ephedra! It's not even legal in most states because of what it does to your heart. I'd much rather see my boyfriend reach his with a health based site, and a healthy-minded community. Not a bunch of steroid addicted muscle heads who care more about bulk, than living past 50.
Not that everyone who body builds is like that, but I'm talking strictly about the people I've come across on these types of communities.

Whew, that was a lot of post. Sorry, but I like to be thorough so people understand where I'm coming from, and why I think these things are important. If you disagree, that's fine, I respect your opinion, but let's just be civil about it.

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