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8/17/13 1:38 P

I have the same problem. I still take a prescription water pill (which I don't in cool/cold weather), drink lots of ice water, cut down on diet coke and prop my feet up at work several times a day. This has helped tremendously.

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I was on Lasix before going on my diet. I am on a very low calorie diet administered by a medical team. When they took me off Lasix, I was terribly concerned that my ankle and leg swelling would be horrible. Much to my surprise, within just a few days, it totally went away. I am drinking huge amounts of water, running to the bathroom all day and night, but absolutely no edema at all. I love being able to see the bones in my feet and ankles. Amazing that even the Lasix couldn't get rid of all the fluid in my body but the diet has done it. Doctors always say to eliminate salt, but I had the swelling no matter what I did. Good luck in your quest to find a solution. If you get a chance, talk to your doctor. I don't think meds are a great long-term solution, but see what your doctor thinks.

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8/17/13 12:21 P

Have always had trouble with this area; HOWEVER it is much worse when weather is hot!!

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