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1/28/11 6:15 A

broccoli and collards!

DWILCZKO Posts: 3,010
1/28/11 12:45 A

i love prunes!

NUTMEG1125 Posts: 2,002
1/27/11 11:48 P

It is difficult to get enough fiber when you are eating less than 1000 calories per day. If you plan to stay that low on calories, then you will probably need to use a fiber supplement.

That said, increasing you food intake is probably the healthier option.

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1/27/11 11:45 P

Most fruits and veggies are pretty good, like broccoli and apples (with peel) and all the other things already suggested. Another thing to try is flaxseed, either whole or flaxseed meal. You can sprinkle it over your cereal in the morning for a little extra fiber punch.

WILLDOIT70 Posts: 422
1/27/11 10:29 P

When I need more fiber one thing I eat is Kashi GoLean cereal with fuit...

CATWOOMAN Posts: 847
1/27/11 10:19 P

Thanks for replying. I think I'll check out that book. I eat lots of veggies, beans in soups and nuts (walnuts and almonds are my fave) but apparently it's not enough any more.

NUTMEG1125 Posts: 2,002
1/27/11 9:44 P

Yup, berries, veggies and fruits have the most fiber.


KRISTIN9924 Posts: 952
1/27/11 9:42 P

Beans are a good source of fiber and you can easily add them as a side dish or mix them in with your main entree.

Whole grains are a good source too. Simple substitutions can make a difference. Like using brown rice instead of white rice, steel cut oats instead of rolled oats, or whole wheat pasta instead of regular pasta.

There is a really good book called The Full Plate Diet that is pretty much just about increasing your fiber intake.

One thing to remember is to gradually increase the amount of fiber to let your body adjust. Also drink plenty of water, it helps your body digest and push that fiber through your system.

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1/27/11 9:26 P

Berries, like raspberries, blackberries and blue berries. Asian Pears have 9 grams of fiber. Also certain breads have allot of fiber, like Latortilla low carb flour tortillas have 7 grams of fiber and only 50 calories. Whole grains have fiber. But the best intake is fruit and veggies. Cereal, such as fiber one and kashi have fiber and of course nuts do, if you don't go overboard with them.

CATWOOMAN Posts: 847
1/27/11 9:21 P

Hi. These past few weeks my body has been telling me that I am lacking some fiber. Does anyone have suggestions for good foods and snacks that could help me with this problem?

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