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Suggestions for workout after leg fatigue

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5/2/13 8:47 P

How wonderful is it that you work where this exercise is available or at least allow you the time for it.

I vote for the museum though.

Posts: 380
5/2/13 1:57 P

Wow thanks everyone! The two classes I took this week both did some pretty strenuous upper body workouts which I failed to mention.

It was SUCH a beautiful day here in Hartford today that I couldn't stay inside for Zumba so I explored the riverwalk. I was rewarded with getting my fastest time for a my first mile jogging in years. I guess the squatathons and lunges are paying off :) I did take it easy and only jogged 2 miles and walked the rest of the time. I got dehydrated fast - the park really needs some water fountains!

Have a beautiful day everyone!!

Posts: 46
5/2/13 11:20 A

It really depends...did you just recently start doing high impact exercises? If so, the museum or a brisk walk would be your best bet or just going to the gym and doing some weights would be great. If not, then a jog wouldn't kill your legs, so long as you do a proper warm up/cool down and stretching.

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5/2/13 10:58 A

Zumba, great overall body workout and it will loosen up those legs. I find that when DMS sets in from a new or hard workout, hitting the same muscles in a less intense way the next day takes away the DMS.

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5/2/13 8:41 A

How about upper body workout? You could use your own body weight. This site has plenty of videos of such workouts. If you are into weights, you could do some bent over rows, bench presses, overhead presses etc.

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5/2/13 8:29 A

I would do the museum. Nothing like expanding your mind while walking off the sore muscles of a two day squatathon.

Posts: 380
5/2/13 8:14 A

Hello all!

I work out during lunchtime during the workweek and I'm looking for suggestions for what to do today. The issue is that yesterday and the day before I did two similar workout classes, which both just happened to have us do an extraordinary amount of squats, lunges, and leg lifts, with weights. I thought I wouldn't be able to walk today but I'm doing better than expected. (I switch up classess every day but these two just happened to work the same muscle groups). I was going to go running at lunch, because it is going to be a beautiful day. Should I suck it up and do my best or is there a chance of injury? The classes today are Step, (not!) Burn which is a bootcamp type class, and Zumba. Zumba usually has some squats but nothing like the squatathon from yesterday.

The other option would be to go to the art museum across the street from my office, which offers free admission to employees and I've been meaning to check it out.

Any ideas or suggestions? I can't sit at my desk all day it is like a crypt in here!

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