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SCIFIFAN Posts: 1,119
3/14/14 8:50 P

I was going to suggest Pilates too. Also, some weight exercises with bands or hand weights shouldn't be too noisy, if you are careful about setting the weights down.

With care, some low impact aerobics might work, if you just try to go about it gently, like the walking videos, maybe boxing as well. Anything where movements are lighter and not 'stompy'. I've seen some ballet DVD's lately; that might work.

Can you just get outside and walk?

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VESUVIOUS SparkPoints: (27,345)
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3/14/14 7:42 P

pilates. belly dancing. I really like Leslie Sansone walk at home workouts.

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3/14/14 7:32 P

How about a workout with those sliding disks that let you scoot across carpet or hardwood floors. No clomping! I like Cathe friedrich's slide and glide DVD - you can also buy it as a download from her site. And the disks that I bought at Walmart for $7 also came with a beginner DVD.

3/14/14 6:26 P

As an apartment-dwelling night worker, I applaud your neighborliness!

Other than that, sorry, I can't help you with suggestions. I can say Leslie Sansone's WATP might be too clompy for downstairs neighbors. (I used to use it, but not when neighbors were home.)

You can do strength workouts, using body weight or dumbells, squats...

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,459
3/14/14 5:10 P

Chair aerobics for Everyone

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3/14/14 3:01 P

Do you like walking ? Leslie Sanson has a terrific series of walking videos called Walk Away the Pounds. That would be a terrific place to start if you feel you're an absolute beginner. You can try it before buying if you'd like. go here.

What types of workouts do you like ? Have you tried any of Coach Nicole's videos ? There are bunch of short 10-15 minute routines posted in the fitness section. Watch them and try the ones you think you might enjoy.

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3/14/14 11:34 A

I'm looking for a great beginner video, but I'm concerned about anything that has too much jumping or thudding. The gentleman below me works nights and I don't want to be the jerk neighbore that's waking him up just after he falls asleep.
So I need something that's beginner friendly (For instance, I'm not quite ready to jump into P90X) but wont have me clod-hopping all over the place. I already do a bit of yoga, so I'd like something else for some variety. Suggestions? emoticon

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