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So many food manufacturers have downsized their product size, removed trans fat, or otherwise changed the nutrition in their products that much of the data entered by SP users, and in the data base has become inaccurate. I was craving a Slim Jim today and bought a box today. I searched through probably 25 entries for mini-slim Jims and found ZERO which matched the data on my box.

I had started doing this already when a few times before I had searched for foods whose nutrition had apparently been altered recently, but what I did for the Slim Jims and the other foods was put (2014) in parentheses. That lets people know this is current data.

Also, I would like to encourage everyone to enter all the nutritional data, not just the calories, but the sodium and vitamins as well. Sometimes I have to redo a complete entry because only half the data has been interested.

I think this will help keep the database as useful as possible for everyone!


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