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I agree about Superfeet insoles. You can slip them in any shoes, eliminating the need to buy special shoes. If the Superfeet insoles are too hard, slip in Spenco Comfort insoles (the green kind, not blue) above them. They're better than Dr. Scholl's because they have an even thickness (not lumpy). Use 2 pairs if your arch pain is really bad.

Stretching the arches improves plantar fasciitis. Here is a good stretch:

Try to do it for a minute hourly. Also consider wearing a Strassburg sock at night, to stretch your arch while you sleep. You can buy one sock and alternate between feet each night.

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I have flat feet and suffered from plantar fasciitis. Superfeet insoles really helped me. The berry for women, or orange for men are good. I also got the black ones to use in dressier shoes. They are not the most cushioned insoles though, and are kind of expensive(but nowhere near as expensive as custom insoles).

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Try a running store. I have really high arches and I went and got fit for new shoes and so they could analyze my gait. I got AWESOME arch supports for my shoes and I have virtually no pain in my feet anymore when I run.

6/3/13 9:59 P

Does anyone who suffer from arch problems recommend what type inserts to use? I saw a foot doctor a while ago who recommended making a custom foot insert but I just cannot afford it right now. I've tried Dr. Scholls in the past but I didn't think I got the right one. This worries me because it is hard to do any bouncing activities (ex. jumping jacks) because of the foot pain. I'm currently exercising to Leslie Sansone older videos because the newer ones involve too much bouncing. I hope to eventually become a runner one day but can't do so if I can get my foot gear right. I work out in the Brooks 8 shoes.

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