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2/8/11 1:19 P

thanks teresa i appreciate i had been on here a couple years ago but things have moved

2/8/11 12:25 A

I use a different site to track my food, however I do like the quick tracker for fruits/veg & water.

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2/7/11 11:13 P

Go to the start page and it is on the top left hand side under my nutrition and my fitness.

Start BMI 40.9

Pacific Daylight Savings Time for my Cat Friends.

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2/7/11 10:39 P

i cant seem to find the wieght and measurment tracking on here can anyone help me figure this out thanks

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2/1/11 6:12 P

Thanks Luann. I just saw the link on the top left. It's just a bummer that I have to scroll all the way down for custom measurements. I'd like to see them grouped together.

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2/1/11 5:49 P

You can add any measurement you want!

(unless that has changed recently...)

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2/1/11 2:20 P

Since I started Spark in July 2009 I never really used the measurement tracking section on the page, but kept up with the weight tracking.

Today is the 3rd time I've utilized this feature. It seems to be missing some important measurements like:

band size (for women, under breast along rib cage
belly button)

Or even have a more detailed men and women measurement section would be cool.

Now that I'm exercising regularly, I'd like to track my lost inches. Would anyone else like to chime in on this?

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