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10/20/12 11:19 P

stuff like koolaid is not juice its sugar water. i prefer 100% juice cuz the natural sugars give me the kick i need. but i just use small amounts of granulated sugar when what ever I'm having calls for it

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10/19/12 7:54 A

Just want to throw my $0.02 in here. Sugar is still very proccesed. Its not like you can just grind up a sugar cane plant and get the white powder known as sugar.

Personally I try to avoid sugar just cuz its not only calories, but I can feel a sugar rush from it. I'll add a packet or two of splenda to things that need it for taste. Just do what works for you, there hasn't been much scientific research showing these artifical sweetners are actually bad for you. Just a bunch of ppl on the internet shouting "You'll get cancer!" Only problem is a few people get upset stomachs or headaches from them. If that's not you, no problem with them.

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10/15/12 1:06 P

Sugar substitutes do nothing for me except make me crave sweets even more..some leave a terrible aftertaste, others leave me with a headaches and dry eyes.. My doctor told me since I have a overactive bladder, to avoid them because they enhance the "urge". Some sweetening" syrups" still add a lot of calories. I want back to using sugar very sparingly. I buy the single serve 10 calorie packets for use as a sweetner, but remember 10 of them still equal 100 calories! Sugar is a natural plant and not artificially manufactured in a lab like some other sweetners. Stevia is ok but some brands leave a licorice aftertaste.

10/13/12 1:34 P

Sugar substitutes wreak havoc with my stomach. I use SweetLeaf Stevia which is natural and doesn't have any additives. Sadly, the "yellow bag stuff" is made with a molecule of chlorine...that is what keeps your body from actually digesting it.
I just can't wrap my mind around the added chemicals when I am on a journey to a healthier lifestyle.

10/12/12 9:09 P

I buy the Wal-Mart brand that comes in a yellow bag. I think it is the generic splenda. We love it at my house!

ORODEO73 Posts: 527
10/6/12 3:30 P

I have found that the walmart great value brand of sugar substitue is great. My kids like it better in their koolaid! I use it for many things.

Do you?

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