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RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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4/1/14 4:32 P

I dropped sugar in my coffee cold turkey when I got started and I don't miss it. It tastes almost desserty now if I get a taste by accident' not really something I am looking for. I do always have some kind of milk. Tea is the same when I drink it, though I'm a little more tolerant of a lack of milk than with coffee.

4/1/14 1:22 P

If you are measuring then I would just track it. I can't drink coffee without cream and lots of sugar. So I just switched - I no longer drink coffee. I have mint tea and that doesn't need to be sweetened.

VORTEX33 SparkPoints: (10,114)
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4/1/14 10:22 A

I usually only drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day and I like mine super strong with milk and a teaspoon of sugar. Black coffee upsets my stomach so I need the milk for balance. The sugar is just a bonus. ;) Sugar in tea depends on the type. Green, mint, herbal and oolong are all sans sugar but black and my favorite Constant Comment both get sugar. I limit myself to only one cup of sweetened tea a day, usually after lunch, and the rest of the day I drink sugar-free tea.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,222
4/1/14 8:23 A

My approach to trying something new (op mentioned maybe adding in green tea, but not sure whether it'd be okay without some sugar in it)... would be to try it first, without anything added. Maybe a couple three cups worth of trying. If I still thought it needed a little something, I'd start with 1/2 tsp, just to see if that was "enough". And then if not... 3/4 tsp. I don't eat much in the way of "added sugar" so I could easily work a cup or two of tea with a little sugar added, to my daily plan. It would be entirely different if I was looking to swap out all my water for the day, with sugar-added tea.

DANAKA4 Posts: 870
4/1/14 8:04 A

Coffee black, tea with little sugar.

LAINEY63 SparkPoints: (11,267)
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3/31/14 11:07 P

Bigelow Constant Comment Tea - 1 tsp. granulated sugar

MNCYCLIST SparkPoints: (135,891)
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3/31/14 1:06 P

Yes, and I track it, don't go overboard.

WALIDGAZALA Posts: 8,106
3/31/14 7:29 A

My coffee is " Black No Sugar No milk"
My tea is always on sugar

BERRY4 SparkPoints: (256,874)
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3/30/14 9:44 P

If I need to sweeten my tea, I typically add a small bit of honey. With coffee, I add 1/3 sm packet of stevia.

SPINSTER321 SparkPoints: (66,277)
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3/30/14 9:03 P

Yes - a little sugar and evaporated milk in my tea. Usually 1 cup or 2 cups per day during the work week (every once in a while on weekends). No coffee for me.

ROBBIEY SparkPoints: (386,889)
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3/28/14 1:42 P


PACAROLSUE SparkPoints: (4,521)
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3/27/14 10:28 A

For years I have taken my coffee black, and my tea with artificial sweetener. I recently bought some IC Almond Joy creamer and it is delicious. It give a touch of chocolate taste and just a bit of sweetener. It just smoothes out the coffee. I haven't tried it in tea yet. The problem I have with it is the 30 calories per serving. If I have 6 cups of coffee a day, that's 180 calories added on top of my normal calories for the day. So I am limiting it to once a day or less, just as a little treat. I am also sharing it with my DIL. It tastes good, but I probably won't buy it again. Why start a bad habit?

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
3/27/14 9:04 A

Yes one teaspoon in my coffee times 2 cups. I like my Tea black.

3/27/14 12:05 A

I like sweet coffee but actually don't like it with plain sugar at all. One of my favorite flavors is mocha, so instead of regular sugar, I always put in hot cocoa/hot chocolate mix! The problem is thats usually even more calories than sugar, and in order to get the mocha flavor it usually ends up being more than 1 teaspoon :( I'm trying to cut back on coffee for that reason.
I never put sugar in my tea, but then I usually drink fruity herbal tea and that tastes sweet to me.
Yogi makes a flavor of tea called Mayan Cocoa Spice which when I add a little milk tastes almost like hot cocoa to me.

GRACEINAZ Posts: 2,270
3/26/14 11:43 P

I like my coffee sweet and use both Xylitol and Stevia; however, I prefer my green tea plain (China Mist Blackberry Jasmine is great). Have you considered a little honey or natural sweetener for your tea?

ROBBIEY SparkPoints: (386,889)
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3/26/14 4:01 P

I put sugar in tea and coffee
It is a must for me

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (60,917)
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3/26/14 2:37 P

I'm a southern girl, and I doubt I'll ever drink unsweetened anything.

I have to have sugar in my coffee. And even as sweet as I like it? It's just around 40 cals per cup. I can deal with that. I don't drink so much that 40 calories is going o wreck my day.

I do have to limit my sweet tea, though (a southern staple.) Mostly because it gives me heartburn.

CYFREE15 Posts: 248
3/26/14 2:32 P

I drink unsweetened tea and generally stay away from coffee for this very reason. Coffee with cream and sugar how I like it is 80 calories per cup and not worth it to me except for every once in awhile.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,242
3/26/14 1:32 P

I use sugar in my coffee. Just one teaspoon though. I haven't had any adverse effects.

I don't put sugar or sweetener in tea. I am from the South so some of my family looks at me like I have grown a second head. I definitely don't put any sugar in green tea.

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3/26/14 7:59 A

Slowly reduce the amount over a few weeks until there's no sugar in it. Your tastebuds will adapt.

I've never liked sugar in my coffee or tea, heavy cream is a whole other story though :)

RITZIBROWN SparkPoints: (81,517)
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3/25/14 11:15 P

Don't use sugar.

SCHROEDERGIRL SparkPoints: (812)
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3/25/14 9:55 P

I use 1 tsp sugar in my coffee. If you can go black or switch to tea that would be good. I know sugar gets a bad rap, but I like to budget for sugar.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
3/25/14 5:57 P

When I choose to sweeten my tea or coffee, I just use the sugar.

I used to use a lot of cream and sugar in my hot beverages but I have really cut back, to where 1tsp in a big coffee, or a 1/2tsp in my tea, is quite enough to add the hit of "sweet" and really, there's just not that many calories in a half-teaspoon or so of sugar.

Now, if you are drinking 8 cups a day with a tablespoon per cup - yeahh you'd want to work on that, because it would use up an awful lot of your calorie budget. But a teaspoon once a day? That's a "worth it" indulgence in my books.

SCIFIFAN Posts: 1,119
3/25/14 5:02 P

I don't usually use sugar in coffee or tea, but IMO 1 tsp. of sugar is not going to hurt your diet.

It's only 16 calories--just track it and work it into your diet. Is it better not to have any? Probably, but such a small amount isn't worth worrying about.

BOGO13 SparkPoints: (1,798)
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3/25/14 4:45 P

I have always loved the flavor of coffee, but when I was in high school the only way I thought I could drink it was with sugar. I slowly started to get away from wanting sugar and would just add I truly love black coffee. If you slowly take yourself away from having to use the sugar I think you'll get used to it!

For tea, instead of sugar add a tsp of honey! It adds even more flavor and doesn't have as many sugars in it :)

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/25/14 4:23 P

I used to use a lot more sugar in my tea.

I started to wean myself down little by little.

I now use 1 dot per cup. The domino dots are 10 calories a dot, and it's easy cause the dots are "pre-measured" so I never have to guess ;)

FLORADITA SparkPoints: (63,580)
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3/25/14 4:01 P

I usually have one cup of coffee and I use milk and sugar. I used to grab a big expensive fully loaded latte on my way to work until I found out they had 280 calories in them. Now I make myself a simple cup of good coffee and put in a spoonful of sugar and a bit of milk for about 40 calories per cup.

MAGTASTIC103 Posts: 588
3/25/14 3:50 P

One teaspoon of sugar isn't going to ruin your calories for the day.

Just track it, enjoy your tea, and move on!


KANDMWILSON2000 SparkPoints: (1,077)
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3/25/14 3:47 P

Do you put sugar in your tea or coffee? I usually drink one cup of coffee in the morning but want to try adding in some green tea but not sure if I can stomach it without a tsp of sugar. I don't do the artificial sweeteners any more and I'm not a real big fan of honey. Should I just stick to my water?

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