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6/7/12 12:26 A

Thanks for your input. I will make sure to get my nutrients from whole foods rather than from juice.

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6/7/12 12:25 A

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated. Sure wish I wouldn't have had any. Going to give the rest of it away.

6/6/12 10:54 P

Also be very careful to read the serving sizes. I don't know about actually healthy drinks, but things like Gatoraid are for 1/2 a cup, and most people drink the whole bottle which is 2 or even 4 servings. It's a gimmick for them, but worth verifying on your drink.

"natural" fruit sugars are more healthy than added white sugar, but only by a bit. sugar is sugar. and the fact that it is in juice form, means it will go right to your blood stream unless you are eating it with food.

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6/6/12 9:38 P

If you enjoy drinking the juice, and you're able to drink it within your recommended daily calorie range, it won't do any harm. However, keep in mind that with a balanced diet, you could get similar amounts of nutrients by combining various whole foods.

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6/6/12 9:18 P

I bought a bottle of ACAI+10 Superblend juice. It has a fair bit of nourishment in it but has 26 g sugar in each serving (8.45 oz). Is natural sugar in fruit as bad as regular sugar? Should I stay away from this even though it has 90% Vitamin C, 80% Manganese, 50% Vitamin K etc.? I rarely drink juice but now I'm wondering about this.

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