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JOOLS7 Posts: 388
11/19/13 2:58 P

Thank you all for your suggestions.

You're right, I am taking on a lot right now. I really need to put the stick down, stop beating myself up.

The fact that I'm exercising, eating MUCH healthier than I ever have, not smoking, and not drinking are some major accomplishments.

I have a tendency to look at the bad instead of the good I am doing.

I am going to try to just not have any sweets in the house. If it's not there I wont eat it.

Thanx again you guys. Love the support here.

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NEWT58 SparkPoints: (2,587)
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Posts: 36
11/19/13 11:57 A

I think you can do it Jools. I have protein and veges and fruit. Many people say an apple is just candy in a round shape, but I disagree. Bananas, Apples, frozen smoothies with kale, unsweetened yogurt and blueberries are my favorite. And do not beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon- you will occasionally at first. Just get back up and be determined to change your life.
BTW- the other suggestions have been excellent.

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
11/19/13 8:55 A

First, congrats on all the positive changes you've'll never regret giving up either of those two things! Keep in mind that you've asked your body to adapt to a LOT recently, so you're bound to have some inner rebellion at some point. I like the previous poster's suggestion about allowing yourself that small treat at the end of the day....if you plan for it, why not?

I hope you don't mind, but I took a peek at your food tracker---and I think you could get control of your evenings by changing what you're eating earlier in the day. Much of what you're eating is very processed, and really lacking in protein and fiber. It also appears that you're skipping meals at times (although that might be lack of tracking). It's impossible to change everything at once, so how about focusing on breakfast, to start? It's not necessary to eat "breakfast food", but a healthy start to your day might help prevent your day from going off the rails later.

Good luck to you on your journey to a healthier you!

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,252
11/19/13 8:24 A

Too many hours without eating can cause your blood sugar level to plummet, leaving you ready to grab for anything with sugar....make sure you have healthy least every 3 hours between meals.....that should help!

11/18/13 6:52 P

Congrats on the many health improvements you have already made.
One additional idea is a money jar.
The money you would have spent on cigs, alcohol, treat foods---can go in a jar each day or week.
When it reaches a certain amount then give yourself a big cashmere sweater, new walking shoes, new nails, night out to the latest movie/theater production---what would you really enjoy (not food related)?

This worked for my hubby when he stopped smoking. His driving force was purchasing a new bass boat.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

JOOLS7 Posts: 388
11/18/13 6:13 P

I may have to do what Newt is doing and just cut the sugar. I know it makes me crave more sugar and that is a death sentence for my new lifestyle.

How does one do no refined sugar? LOL I'll just start out with no sweets in the house. If I don't buy them then I can't eat them.

Also will spend more time focusing on doing special things for myself in the evening like a hot bath. I even have a jacuzzi tub I've only used 3 times. What a dork huh? It's hard for me to sit still in that thing, lol.

I really appreciate all the suggestions.

Jools emoticon

NEWT58 SparkPoints: (2,587)
Fitness Minutes: (5,644)
Posts: 36
11/18/13 1:48 P

I know exactly of what you speak Jools. Sugar is an addiction for me. My favorite mind game is saying "I have worked really hard doing .... I deserve a cookie for being so useful in society or giving so much or whatever. Then the sugar high hits me, and I have to get another so I can keep the high, and before you know it a half dozen cookies and a pint of ice cream are gone. It has taken 30 years, but one week ago today I went cold turkey- no refined sugar. I can look a soda or cookie now in the eye and it blinks first. It is a must do for my self esteem and self control.
I also insist now on working out. A perfect day for me is:
Work out 30+ minutes
No refined sugar.
I am working on the first perfect week. :)
My prediabetic state is thanking me.

SIMPLYME80 Posts: 406
11/18/13 1:15 P

Hi, first you already did a Wonderful job with smoking and drinking! Congrats! Job Well Done! I've been there with the evening sweets-good all day then, well a small treat can turn into evening overeating! Yes! You Do Deserve a Reward in the evening. Try something just for You non food related for a reward in the evening. Have you stopped doing anything you always enjoyed in the past (except smoking/drinking)..this may be time for a fresh start! If your evenings are your alone "me" time, do something personal for yourself such as a warm fragranced soak in the tub, and relax with your favorite tv program enjoying a mug of hot tea, or low calorie hot chocolate placing a dollop of cool whip and a sprinkle of coco. If you are more active, take the time for a walk, talking to neighbors, try some Facebook games, or read . If you evenings are with family, play games with the kids, take a walk with then starting lite conversation-you may be surprised what they may have to say and felt uncomfortable otherwise. Since you enjoy sweets in the evening with the risk of overdueing, perhaps a (one) small dessert after dinner for a treat may work better than having a treat later. This is what worked for me, a dessert after table is cleared then no more evening treats or food rewards.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
11/18/13 1:14 P

Ok well if it's a matter of reacting to the "I deserve it!" voices... then, how about considering actually giving yourself something nice - but putting a huge focus on QUALITY over quantity? If you "deserve" a treat, you surely "deserve" the best, right?

Have an ounce of *really good high quality* chocolate. Dark chocolate, if you happen to like it, packs a LOT of chocolate flavour per ounce. Savour it slowly. It's not that many calories for a small-but-decadent indulgence (100-200 calories, easy to work into your day). And it'll taste and feel more "special" than two rows of grocery-store-brand-cream-filled-cookies (which might rack you up a thousand calories without ever giving your tastebuds a true thrill).

Giving myself permission to ENJOY my food, has made all the difference for me, enabled me to be successful.

It also helps to turn a critical eye on the typical "treats" that we think we "deserve" - things made with cheap ingredients in a big factory, that would be virtually inedible and disgusting if not laden down with massive amounts of high fructose corn syrup.... meh... I DESERVE BETTER.

JOOLS7 Posts: 388
11/18/13 12:53 P

Ok, I'm not doing so good here. First of all I need to get it together as far as my food goes. I keep thinking I "deserve" to eat this or eat that.

The evenings are the hardest for me. I crave sweets like there is no tomorrow. And I think I deserve some sort of sweet at the end of the day.

This deserving attitude comes into play because I quit smoking 7/23 then quit drinking 8/27. And I think my God, I deservvvvveeee something at night.

How do I stop this thinking and the cravings I have for sweets?

Please help me.


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