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I just find that when I am eating appropriate amounts of nutritious food every 3-4 hours my blood sugar levels out and I don't crave anything. I do best when I plan my meals ahead for the day. By the time I start to feel hungry for anything, my planned snack or meal is ready and I eat that first, then there is just no room or need for a sugary snack.

The days I chose to wing it are the days I get in trouble.

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Hi - I can understand the back injury thing, having skeletal problems myself. If you can walk around the house, there are ways that you can get exercise that doesn't strain the back. I get the bulk of mine by putting my groceries and laundry away one at a time. The beauty of this is that if I get tired, or my back or hips start to suffer, then I can easily stop and sit. another beauty of this is that I can save it for when I feel like doing it - except I don't leave the fridge stuff for another time. If you can do this, then that can distract you for a while.

You can get onto SP and check out the various articles and message boards. I actually used to get so lost in them that I often forgot about my meals until I suddenly realized what the time was.

If you find the craving for sugar too much, then it wouldn't hurt to have some dried fruit on hand - things like figs or dates. One or two of them are far better for you than processed sugar. You get other nutrients and fibre as well.

Below is a link that you may find helpful if these tips don't work:

Good luck :-)

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Hello everyone,
I'm new here and need to lose 15-20 pounds. I have back issues and cannot exercise right now. I need some ideas / suggestions to curb my sugar cravings. I don't eat much which of course has slowed my metabolism - and the things I've eaten over the last few months are healthy, except of course the cookies and PB cups when I crave sugar. A non active lifestyle is not conducive to that kind of diet.
Just curious as to what anyone has done to help them in times of those "sugar" craving moments. Once I get past the first week ill be ok, but need something to distract me. Normally I'd distract myself by taking a walk, using my Pilates machine, something active; but since my back injury in 2009 things have changed.
Thank you :)

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