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3/15/15 7:16 P

CWCREATION. Where did you get it from? I would like to check it out.

3/15/15 6:18 P

Hmmm ... I just completed a "detox". You ate from a list of protein, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats five to six times a day. There was no sodas - diet or otherwise - nor any snickers :) No fake sugars either.

The road to health is changing our behaviors not a quick fix.


Kewl: sounds like what I need: Please help!!

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7/17/14 10:51 P

You have to take one thing at a time. It might look hard but hang in there.

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7/17/14 1:47 P

I've been detoxing caffeine for the last 2 weeks. I noticed the first fews days were pretty bad... bad headaches, sluggish. etc... then after that let up, the cravings started. Mainly sugar craving and just seemed hungrier all the time. Now after 2 weeks I feel I have it under control. Although I find myself checking everything for caffeine b/c I took an asprine last week and guess what: it had a ton of caffeine in it. So the cycle of headaches started again after taking that. Now I drink a ton of water and the more water I drink, the more water I crave.... On top of that cutting out mostly pop and drinking a ton of water I've lost 3.4 lbs. Win, win!!!! I don't suggest cutting out all caffeine, sugar and junk food cold turkey. Esp if you eat and drink it a lot. You might have pretty bad side affects for a while versus trying to wean yourself off. Start with one thing and then go to the next until your clean. I feel great now but it took some time to get there. :)

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4/18/14 3:11 P

Yes it's best to talk to someone who know.

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4/18/14 1:58 P

Yes it's best to talk to someone who know.

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4/18/14 12:02 P

was working with a nutrionist and he believes drastic changes are almost impossible to maintain. He said if you are drinking 3 sodas a day, drop to 2 for a couple weeks once you adjust to 2, drop to one, once you drop to one, go to one every other day. While dropping the sodas, you increase your water intake. This helps your body adjust.

I tried dropping soda cold turkey and going to a whole food, low carb, low fat diet. I was successful with the soda, but the food change had me physically sick. I couldn't keep down a piece of chicken or fish if you paid me! Not to mention, after getting sick on it for a week, I never wanted to eat or see it again.

Be careful when you detox. Do it under a doctor's care and seek advice from someone with a background in that area!

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4/11/14 9:20 P

So true

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4/11/14 7:39 P

i suggest if you cut anything then make it sodas , and processed things

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4/11/14 3:22 P


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4/11/14 10:47 A

Hmmm ... I just completed a "detox". You ate from a list of protein, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats five to six times a day. There was no sodas - diet or otherwise - nor any snickers :) No fake sugars either.

The road to health is changing our behaviors not a quick fix.

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4/11/14 12:22 A

Eating sensibly controlling emotions do not use food to satisfy your frustrated desires or build up your injured ego or dull your senses even tho you eat in private your excess poundage is there for all the world to see one day at a time

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4/10/14 11:23 P

Keep pushing toward ypur goal and continue to drink your water and eat the right food.

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4/10/14 10:50 P


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4/10/14 5:01 P

Well like I said it's not for every one. Some peoples have different taste. Ot work for some and some it don't.

4/10/14 4:00 P

If you eat balanced meals and fruit or vegetables for snacks the way Dietician Becky suggested, you'll find you don't have the energy crashes all the time. It's really a good feeling to have the fuel your body needs and to have energy.

Also, there is no need to totally eliminate caffeine from your diet. Coffee and tea have multiple beneficial nutrients in them. But if your caffeine intake is all about soda and candy, then yes, it would be good to wean yourself off them.

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4/10/14 2:55 P

My dad used to eat a candy bar every day. He replaced that with baby carrots and or raisins. Still has the occasional candy treat, but most snacks are fruit and vegetables.

He has lost over 40 pounds making small changes like that.

We did do a juice fast a long time ago. Mom, Dad and I all three of us were miserable. I cannot recommend it. We did get a good recipe for soup out of the fast. We eat that in combination with a healthy diet.

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4/10/14 2:54 P

Go for what please you the best. Everyone is different.

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4/10/14 12:11 P

you do not have to jucie to get in better shape and help . just stop eating foods that casue you problems . good luck .

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4/10/14 11:49 A

Some peoples fine juicing their veggies are better than just eaten them. But everyone have their own way of doing things. So go for what make you feel good.

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4/10/14 9:54 A

Look around on the SparkPeople site for a Sugar detox plan - I tried it and it was helpful, although I read other people on the Spark did much better than I did. I would never consider a juicing plan myself, I can get really weak and light-headed if I don't eat enough food. I've tried an 1100 cal diet and it was too hard, just imagine what juicing would be like. Yeah it's all the rage, very trendy, but why juice carrots and apples when you can just EAT them??? Your tummy will thank you.

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4/10/14 9:41 A

Well I juice and I like to do it. But I also use a small bowl when I eat. I usea small bowl that I had got for my ggranddaughter in girl scout. I found that it help me alot. Drink plenty of water. I try to like eat six small portion a day. It seem to help me alot. But every one have a different way. But try things to see what work for you.

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4/10/14 6:32 A

Susanne - I think you are on the right track with adding more fruits and veggies to your diet. There was a recommendation recently (I can't remember the source), that we should have 7 (seven!!) servings of vegetables and/or fruit each day!! Each day! I find the closer I get to the 7 servings, the better I feel, the more my weight stays in check, and the less cravings I have that day. Give it a try and see how you feel.

You said you are drinking soda and eating Snicker bars - both of these items are very high in sugar. Once you stay off these foods for a couple of days, you will find that your taste buds start adjusting and you start tasting more sugar in fruit and veggies. You will notice a difference!! Give the veggies and fruit a try!!

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4/9/14 5:58 P

What do you suggest in homemade trail mix?

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4/9/14 5:56 P

Thanks! I will try it.

4/9/14 4:56 P

A suggestion:
Every meal (3 a day); for the next 2 weeks, have a lean protein food (lean meats, beans, egg, milk, yogurt) , vegetables, fruits, and if you want (whole grains).

Have a fruit or vegetable with every healthy snack.

You will feel the difference!

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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4/9/14 4:51 P

Yeah, if your one and only downfall is snack choices on the go, there are a lot of options for that.

I always keep a Kind Bar in my glove box, some people keep jerky in theirs. You can also easily make your own homemade protein bars and keep them to grab and go.

Keep string cheese/baby bells in your fridge
Keep apples in the house
Portion nuts into baggies to grab on the go (or make your own trail mix)
Turkey breast and cheese rolls

4/9/14 4:38 P

It sounds like you might wan to plan snacks so you don't crash and need a mini snickers. :) I think using the tracker would really help. I know for me it works wonders.

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4/9/14 2:59 P

Ok - the easiest thing to do is to track your calories every day - seriously, and stay within your range. That is how you lose weight. Calories in vs. calories out. Tracking is how you get it done.
Track your sodium, too (add to your tracker) to help with water retention (bloating).

Always remember, if you fill your body with sh*t.....guess what you are going to feel like?

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4/9/14 2:52 P

Thanks for all of the replies! I need to lose more weight (64 down so far), but I am tired of feeling tired and sluggish without a caffeine or sugar boost. I know it's not good for me. I am tired of feeling bloated. I just want to feel healthy and get off the energy roller coaster, in a HEALTHY way. I'm not a terrible eater. We do not eat fast food, we don't eat out. We don't have alot of junk food sitting around, but the diet sodas are a weakness, and snacking when we are out running errands. A little Snickers boost when I'm dragging in the afternoon. When I was doing wonderful, I was exercising regularly, and have just started again. I had a high risk pregnancy, and shortly after having my little girl she had a stroke and many health problems followed. She is a year now and doing great so it's time to start taking care of myself again, but it's tough to get back in the right gears sometimes!

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/9/14 2:52 P

You absolutely do *not* need to detox your body with juicing.

What you do is.....stop eating the bad food.

Either in one fell swoop, or slowly weaning yourself off of it.

Start drinking a lot of water (get your 8 glass in per you do not need 15 glasses of water with lemon).

Replace the junk with whole food. Food in it's natural state.

Instead of frozen pizza for dinner, make grilled chicken breast with green beans and brown rice, steak tips over salad (hey....real food!!!).

Instead of lucky charms for breakfast (I love lucky charms) try oatmeal, or a veggie omelet, or whole grain toast with peanut butter.

Instead of a snack of doritos, try one of these:

Instead of drinking soda, drink water, or brew your own iced tea.

For dessert, try fruit, or make homemade sorbet (easy peasy).

Trust me, your body will thank you!!!!

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4/9/14 2:31 P

I agree with the other poster, juicing only is not really good for the body, at least it wasn't for me. I do juice a couple of times a week, but it is almost always either first thing in the morning to get a boost, or at the end of the day when I know I haven't consumed enough veggies for the day. It is a great way to get the extra vegetables in, but should not be relied on. Our bodies need all of the vegetable, the fiber and bulk is so good for us, and also contains nutritional benefits. And our bodies need protein that you can get from vegetable sources, but not usually in sufficient quantities if you juice-only. Add an extra fruit serving and two or more extra servings of vegetables every day, you will be surprised at how tired you get of chewing! Giving up refined sugar is a great thing to do for your body, and fruit contains natural sugars, your body will appreciate the difference, just don't overdo it. You may get headaches the first few caffeine-free days; drink lots of water, get plenty of sleep. Your body will adjust really fast and you'll feel so much better. Good luck, and let us know how you do!

4/9/14 2:30 P

I (personally) think that a juice fast would be a bad example for children to witness. What happens when your child decides their body is not good enough and only wants juice too?

A better example would be to serve whole grains and foods to the whole family and talk about food choices.

Also - I went cold turkey on coffee and caffeinated tea. I also drastically reduced my sugar intake. I think because i also started back using the food tracker my withdrawal was much easier than I anticipated.

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4/9/14 2:22 P

I would HIGHLY recommend NOT doing a detox like this for many reasons. A few being:
1. you body needs more than just fruits and veggies to be healthy. you need proteins, carbs, and (healthy) fats to function properly
2. for those 7 days you'll most likely being eating too few calories (under eating) which can make you sluggish, light headed, shaky, etc. you need to feed your body with the right number of nutrients for it to function at its best
3. your liver does all the detoxifying your body needs. why starve yourself for 7 days when you can cut out processed sugar and caffeine (slowly overtime, so you can avoid the nasty side-effects, or cold turkey) while still losing weight
4. any weight that you lose will mostly be water and you'll gain it right back after you return to normal eating patterns.

I would suggest ignoring anyone that tries to push fruit and veggie "detoxes" (juicing or otherwise) and stick to eating in moderation.

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4/9/14 12:19 P

Hi all. So, I've seen some documentaries recently about the junk we put in our body and about veggie/fruit juice detox diets. I can't afford to do a juice detox right now. I have heard it can be rather expensive. I would actually have to buy a juicer and that's just not in the budget at the moment. I was thinking of just going fruit and veggies for a 7 day period. I'm very scared of how I am going to feel going off of caffeine and sugar. I also know the end result of overhauling the way I eat will be so beneficial to my health and set a good example for my kids. Has anyone done something like this? How did you get through it? What were the results?
Thanks so much!
Susanne Aylward

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