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1/31/12 4:22 P

There are rat research studies that show that sugar and sugar + fat type foods can bring about strong chemcial reactions in the brain. The rat wants more to bring about the same reaction and pleasure. This has also been demonstrated in humans. So yes, sugar foods can be considered addictive for some people.

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1/31/12 2:50 P

Sure. Most people are addicted to carbohydrates. I was addicted to desserts. Sugar makes people happy. Thus, it is normal that people get addicted. With time, larger quantities are needed for the same feeling of happiness. Same as other addictive substances. If you cut all carbohydrate suddenly, even at the same caloric level, you would experience headaches at least, and a bad mood.

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1/31/12 1:40 P

It's hard to know, because when you drop the sugar and white flour, in most cases your overall calorie count drops dramatically. You may also be dropping a lot of caffeine if the sugar was coming from soda and sweetened coffee drinks, and you'll probably get quite a bit less liquid as well.

I suspect that if you dropped sugar but kept calories, caffeine intake, and hydration constant, you wouldn't have most of those symptoms. But hardly anybody ever does that!

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1/31/12 1:31 P

I believe there is such a thing. I could tell when I used to have too much sugar because I would be on what I called the "sugar roller-coaster". I would get hungry constantly because what I was eating was junk, I would get tired and irritable if I didnt eat some more sugar laden food to keep my sugar high going-- and it took a few days to get over the withdrawals... after about 3 days of stopping cold-turkey I felt MUCH better-- my energy level evened out, my mood evened out-- Sugar and white processed foods are definitely evil!! ;)

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1/31/12 1:13 P

A friend of mine posed this question to me and I wasn't sure of the answer. Is it possible for someone to be addicted to sugar? Has anyone ever experienced withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, head aches, irritability, when they stop eating sugar and refined white flour cold turkey?

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