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RUNNERKDB Posts: 775
5/28/13 11:58 A

I can not get the articles below to open but I am very interested in this topic. Today is my first day of giving up sugar. I have to take it one day at a time and I have failed at giving it up several times over the last couple years. In the 80's I a member of Overeaters Anonymous and they recommend three meals a day with nothing in between and no sugar. Looking back although this seems to me now a rather rigid approach I was happier, thinner and much less food obsessed than I now with having sugar in my diet. I would like thought or encouragement from anyone about giving up sugar. Any tips for getting through the first few days? emoticon

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4/24/13 8:30 A

Ican totally relate....sugar has been one pf the reasons my weightloss has stalled over the last four to five months. I finally decided that I won't eat refined sugars any ore. It's been two weeks and though I don't weighty myself(history so eating disorder) I have noticed that my belly is far less bloated and I feel overall more toned and I feel a lot healthier. I trytoavoid anything that has added sugar to it, even artificial....I make it very clear to waiters or people that are serving meals that I have to stay away for. Sugars because I gt so bad I have been known to put on 40 lbs in three months.....the cravings do start to subside ....I hope this helps, know you are not alone.

KENDILYNN SparkPoints: (22,924)
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4/23/13 11:45 P

I can totally relate with opportunity being a trigger. Eventhough I've been pretty much on track for a while, there's a voice in my head reminding me that nobody would know if I bought (and consumed in one sitting) a bag of oreos/M&Ms/half gallon of ice cream. It's easier when my husband is home, because I refuse to hide food like I used to. So if it's in the house, he's aware of it, and just the fear/realization that he might see the whole thing missing is enough to keep me straight. It's much harder when he's deployed and there's really no one to keep me accountable but me. On the up-side, I'm the only one shopping, so I am completely in charge of my own success.

TANGOKATE Posts: 662
4/23/13 8:34 P

I too am a sugar addict. But it is sugar of any kind even natural sugars like medjool dates. I bought some in a LARGE tub a few weeks back, thinking I could handle having them in my home - no such luck. One Friday eve, I was agitating so bad, ate half the container and walked the other half out to the garbage dumpster behind my home. I swear that my insulin was vibrating through my body by that time too. lol.

I can't bring any sugary addictive foods into my home or I will eat the entire, bag, box or bunch until they are gone.

I went through stages of buying and eating, buying and throwing away, the pain in the pocketbook helped. It had been ages since I had to throw something away like I did with the dates and I did it and it hurt my pocketbook.

I am really enjoying the infrequency of having to do this too. Now I look at it in the grocery store and ask myself if I want to buy it and throw away my money. It works quite well for me.

CLF748 SparkPoints: (2,188)
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4/23/13 9:01 A

Definitely not a calori deficit. I had just finished eating dinner and was quite content. Made sure to have plenty of flavor at dinner too. Sometimes, a bland dinner will trigger a sweet tooth. It was just the opportunity of eating what I want and how much I want without judgement. Even though, I really didn't want or need anything.

CHIGIRL410 SparkPoints: (8,784)
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4/23/13 8:52 A

Does it help if you eat slightly more calories at meals? Maybe the binge is your body's way of saying that it thinks that you need to take in more calories.

CLF748 SparkPoints: (2,188)
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4/23/13 7:49 A

Today is day 8 for me and Sunday was the hardest for sure. The weekend was hectic with a 70th B-day party to attend (which I did good), my husband and I were dog sitting a rambuncious pitbull puppy all weekend, the step kids were over, I had an home inspection person over for fostering animals. Then Sunday night, the kids went to their moms, the owners picked up their puppy, the inspection lady left, and my husband headed for the airport to be in Sweden for work.

I found myself going from 80mph to 0, just standing in the kitchen, alone, with stocked cabinets. I tried to distract myself with chores which helped for awhile. I just needed to get to bedtime. I didn't make it. I started to binge, but after about 300-400 calories I was able to stop myself (usually, I would have kept going until I felt sick - about 2000 calories easy). I ate microwave popcorn, a snack bag of cheetos, and a rice krispy treat and then was able to slap my hand. I just grabbed my phone, a bottle of water, and went to bed even though it was only about 8pm.

So one trigger may be "opportunity" and "habit". Recognizing this, I will plan my alone time a bit better. Like a spa night in my bathroom perhaps.

PUDLECRAZY Posts: 4,455
4/23/13 6:22 A

I so understand! The holidays always seem to trigger my sugar addiction. I have been cold-turkeying for the past 4 days. That is the only thing that works for me. If I eat sugary foods, I want more until I completely stop eating them.

CHIGIRL410 SparkPoints: (8,784)
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4/22/13 9:26 A

You are doing super well for cooking so much of your food yourself, so you are WAY ahead where many other Americans are. Do you know how rare it is to cook so much of your food yourself? I don't know the specific numbers, but it's really rare. Also bravo that you don't feel tempted by the ice cream.

I am also a sugar addict, and I have done every common behavior including throwing out a bag of jelly beans and then changing my mind and fishing it out of the trash.

When I stopped eating processed food following Rachel Cosgrove's _Fit Female Breakthrough_ diet I lost most of my sweet tooth, but I still take precautionary measures such as not keeping treats in the house. I only bake treats for special occasions, and when the occasion is over, I throw it out or send it home with a guest. And preferably I bake something like a cake or pie, so that I can't have any before the guests come.

Recently I have started baking treats that follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, a diet for people with stomach/gut issues (which I sometimes have.) I don't know if they are "better", but so far they don't seem addictive, and calorie count is lower than comparable regular treats. It helps that so far I only have one good recipe. :-)

You're definitely not alone. Maybe our experiences can help you? Please keep posting if you need more help.

IAMHERE101 SparkPoints: (7,589)
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4/18/13 1:34 P

CLF, you also might write down your trigger foods...what foods trigger a binge? Mine is chocolate and ice cream. So, I just take it one day at a time. I know from my past exterience, that even one bite will trigger a binge and it gets harder and harder for me to let go of sugar, the more I try to have 'just one'. Sugar-free desserts also can trigger a binge for me. So I also stay away from low fat or sugar free cookies, ice cream, etc...

Keep chompin on the gum...and just tell yourself, just for today I won't have was too ominous for me to think in terms of forever. You are doing great!

CLF748 SparkPoints: (2,188)
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4/18/13 1:28 P

Thanks iamhere101. I am sticking with it for sure! Chomping a piece of gum like I am mad at it right now! My colleage also put some weight watchers chocolate calcium chews on my desk for an actual emergency. I haven't broken the glass just yet though.

IAMHERE101 SparkPoints: (7,589)
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4/18/13 1:10 P

CLF. Yes, you will find that after a week or two, sugar will taste way too sweet and fruit will taste like it is supposed to. I stopped drinking diet soda, for months, and then felt like something 'fizzy' so I took a sip of a diet coke, and it was awful...tasted like pure chemicals and overly sweet. Now I put a little fruit juice in a glass of sparkling water and it is terrific.

Stay with it!

CLF748 SparkPoints: (2,188)
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Posts: 53
4/18/13 10:34 A

I am so happy to have read this post. Today is day 4 of this journey and I feel like a heroine addict with the DTs not having any sugar. I swear my co-workers are turning into butterscotch candies and M&M's as they walk by my office.

I can not allow myself a "treat" as I know it will turn into a complete binge. I too will eat full 1lb candy bags and entire boxes of chocolate in one sitting. Yes - I will feel sick, but I keep doing it (not for 4 days now though).

In the past, to get through the craving, I would eat everything else in sight (no sugar items, but EVERYTHING ELSE), because my body was searching for something specific (sugar). Fruit doesn't do it, because when you eat bags of sugar, fruit isn't sweet. So I gained more weight trying to avoid the sugar. BACKFIRE!

Now, I turn to the same thing I did when I quit smoking 10 years ago. GUM!!! I chomp the heck out of the same piece all day to avoid unhealthy choices. Mint gum makes my mouth not want a different tasting food for some reason.

So that's my go to for now. Perhaps after I make it a whole week with no sugar binges - fruit will be sweet enough to curb my cravings.

IAMHERE101 SparkPoints: (7,589)
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Posts: 435
4/17/13 2:09 A

Hi Crystal. I also have a sugar addiction. Some people don't understand how difficult it can be. For myself, and in my opinion, I have to not eat refined sugar ( in any form) , period. That means I read the labels of anything I am going to eat, to make sure sugar or a form of sugar is not in the first 3 ingredients. It may be difficult at first, but if you really want to stop, then just take it one day at a time. What I tell myself is that just for today I won't eat _______. Then when the next day comes and I have a craving, I just say that to myself again.

It's only the first few days that are difficult, but the more I didn't eat the sugar, the better I felt and the easier it got. Now I only crave it every now and then, and only when I see it ( like at work). You might want to go through your home and throw away all those tempting foods that seem to be calling your name.

Oh, one more thing that might help. You may want to write down the foods that trigger you. For me it was ice cream and cookies. I make sure that I never have that first taste, or I will consume huge quantities of it.

Stay connected to SP. the support on here is amazing. Good luck.

LAURUMZ Posts: 121
4/16/13 8:34 P

I'm a sugar addict, too. Always have been. I have learned that it's something I must diligently managed or it will quickly get out of control.

First, it has worked for me to work a 100-200 calorie snack (usually dark chocolate) into my calorie range every evening after dinner. Having that allowance on a regular basis doesn't make me feel like I need to go nuts and binge as soon as desserts are abundant.

And second, if I know that there is a situation on the horizon where I may be tempted, I make a plan in advance. If it's a party, I'll decide that it's okay to have a small piece of cake. If it's at a restaurant, I'll check the menu and plan to split a dessert with my fiance.

I hope you find balance!

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (196,000)
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4/16/13 1:54 P

Hi, Crystal !

Have you read any of the great spark articles on curbing a sugar addiction ? If not, I'm going to recommend that you do. This information can help.

What can you do for now ? Try having a piece or two of fruit. the natural sweetness of the fruit should help curb that craving you're having for refined sugar.

If you still want to keep the cake for the kids, freeze the leftovers. Cut a piece for each child and freeze the rest. this way, you're not tempted to eat the cake and there is still cake if the kids want it.

Also, something to consider, if you find yourself eating too much sugar, you have to ask yourself what is the sugar replacing ? If you're not eating enough during the day, that would cause you to want to eat more later. Try eating a bit more healthy food, like fresh fruits and veggies, so that you aren't hungry for empty calories (sugar) later.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (192,101)
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4/16/13 1:40 P

throw the cake out. Right now.

4/16/13 1:37 P

Hello, My name is Crystal, and I am a sugar addict. I never used to be this way, and ever since Christmas I seem to never have enough sugar. I was doing so well in my weight loss journey (I had twin boys a year ago and am attempting to rid myself of 20 last pounds by mid-July). I cut calories, I was eating fairly "clean" at every meal, I was incorporating whatever exercise I could into my hectic life (if you've ever had twins... or even 2 kids in the house at once, you know what I mean). The numbers on the scale weren't changing much, but I dropped a jean size and was sort of in between sizes on my way back to size 14 jeans (no more plus sizes!). Then the holidays hit, and I don't know what happened. I ate everything in site. Entire bags of chocolate. Then Christmas came and went and things were okay. Then my husband brought home a large tin of Dove chocolates and I ate them in one day. Then Easter came, and I went for the discounted bunnies. I actually ate 3/4 of a jumbo caramel filled chocolate rabbit, and felt sick. I gave everything I bought to my husband and told him to take it to work with him so temptation would be gone (he can eat anything and never gain a pound... naturally). Then, my boys' birthday party was yesterday. I have been sick for the past 4 days, couldn't eat much of anything. The boys each got their own cake, and didn't eat much of it really, so there they sit upon the counter, lurking. I had cake for breakfast yesterday and today... and for lunch. WHY!? This must stop. What can I do? I've shared this problem with my husband, and typically we really don't have junk in the house. I make all of our food from scratch most of the time. The most we ever have is ice cream in the house, and I don't really get into that. I don't know what to do, but I have no control! Help? Ideas?

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