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4/20/11 6:30 P

What does sucker punch literally mean? An immigrant asks :)

4/19/11 1:02 P

DEORWYNN Posts: 150
4/11/11 10:11 A

I thought the movie was fun, but a little bland. Interesting concept and nice effects.

Rocket was definantly my favorite character.

TURBO111 Posts: 2,647
4/2/11 2:31 P

2 oz cream soda; 2 oz vodka; 4 oz orange juice; shake w/ a strawberry garnish. After three of these, the movie starts to be enjoyable.

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3/31/11 7:00 P

"Generational" actually means that we'll all probably look back on it in 5-10 years and realize what a stupid movie it actually was :P

I also appreciate high quality spectacle in my movies. Whenever I want good plots, or relate-able characters I turn to books. Two to Three Hours is sometimes insufficient for things like character development, so for that I turn to books and tv shows.

I like my movies like I like my video games, shallow and over the top fun; however I think there is a line between "shallow" and "dumb". I don't like Transformers, but I did get a kick out of Scott Pilgrim.

3/31/11 9:33 A

Like I eluded to in my original post the effects and schwing are an 11 but the content was flat in my opinion.

Generational? Most likely because older guys like me are now lifetime members of the "Fudd-Duddy" club,.......shhhhhh,....I stray every now and again.

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3/30/11 6:41 P

Dang, where do you live that a trip to the movies is so expensive?

Matinees and Student discounts keep me at $7.50 a ticket, and if I'm not sneaking food in I'll just get a drink because the theater popcorn just isn't that good. Even 2 drinks and 2 tickets costs only about $20 where I live.

As for Sucker Punch itself, I personally have been getting mixed messages. It's been critically panned, but this seemed like a rather niche film. One of my female friends who saw it already said it's a generational shift in whether or not you like this movie. One of my male friends (who's also an art student) saw it and ended up making an anti critic tirade on facebook. My friends and I are under 20, so we're going to see it this weekend and hope for the best.

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3/29/11 11:41 P

That's why I rarely go to the movies anymore. Quality and price.

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3/28/11 9:11 P

Nothing better than paying $20 for two tickets to the movies $40 for some popcorn and a drink , just to find out it sucks!

3/28/11 3:34 P

I like Sci-Fi and was really hoping that this movie would be good, wasn't. I've picked bad ones in the past, most notably K-Pax! I'll never get those two hours back!

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3/28/11 3:27 P

I can think of about a million better ways to see scantily clad women than in that movie!.

(I'll be 65 Friday, and I've always told my wife the day I quit looking, I'll be dead. She doesn't mind the looking, it's touching that would get me in touble!)


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3/28/11 11:34 A

I will wait for it to come out on dvd!

3/28/11 10:55 A

Before you click the link here's a long & detailed synopsis of the movie: It's about young scantily-clad girls.

So my "friend" & I saw this movie on Saturday afternoon. She said she always wondered what kind of movies 26 year old men who still live in their parent's basement went to go see.....LOL!!!

We are a breath away from 50 and we were CLEARLY out of place at this theatre for this movie.

Movie Content: 1 star out of 5
SCHWING effect: 11 stars out of 10

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