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8/22/13 10:50 A

success isn't just about is also about what you are doing to take care of yourself and the good choices that are becoming a habit

L1BBYL0U Posts: 67
8/22/13 10:32 A

Sorry if my responses are out of order -- this comment is for Time to Shine -- thanks for the affirmation; and you! You SHINE ON!


L1BBYL0U Posts: 67
8/22/13 10:31 A

Patti, thanks for the words. The mirror is my friend. I have to start with self-love.

L1BBYL0U Posts: 67
8/22/13 10:29 A

Thanks for the support!

8/22/13 10:28 A

What a great idea. Don't like what you see in the mirror? Change it!


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8/22/13 10:24 A

emoticon on going fo that walk and eating a great breakfast. emoticon

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8/22/13 10:23 A


L1BBYL0U Posts: 67
8/22/13 10:16 A

I've struggled with binge behavior, and have joined the spark team that deals with that specific addiction. I've received wonderful advice from friends on that team and on other teams as well.
My bedroom is configured so that as I turn out my light, I see my reflection in the mirror across the room. I usually avoid the image, but last night, before I turned out my light, I looked at myself and said "I love you. Tomorrow morning you will walk; tomorrow you will eat no sucrose; tomorrow you will have three healthy meals and a healthy snack."
My habit is to awaken and to . . . forget my self-health plans for the day. This morning I got up, put on my walking clothes, walked for 51 minutes, and then had a breakfast of plain yogurt and fresh strawberries.
For the first time in weeks -- months -- I am confident that today I will take care of myself in a way that extends beyond the short-term enjoyment of excess.

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