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MISSRUTH Posts: 4,172
11/16/12 9:06 A

I never eat eggs for breakfast. Don't like them. Period. My breakfast usually consists of cereal (no milk, I eat it dry because I can't stand mushy cereal) and yogurt, sometimes fruit.

I don't often snack on nuts-- too many calories for the amount you get. I'll eat hummus. Fruit. Celery with Laughing Cow cheese. Maybe half a protein bar. That last half of a chicken breast left over from last night's supper.

Yes indeed I can be picky about what I eat-- it's not allergies so much as personal preferences. The way I approached it was not, look at everything I can't (or don't want to) eat. Instead, I focused on what I can (and will and want to) eat. Plus there's nothing that says you have to eat "breakfast foods" for breakfast. You can have a chicken breast for breakfast if you want. Leftover lentil soup. Whatever.

I think it's a matter of looking at what you CAN eat, and then choosing things that fulfill your requirements for carbs fat protein etc.

Edited to add: some people can substitute dry roasted soybeans for nuts. I get them unsalted and they're lower in fat than nuts-- makes them a little drier, to eat, but helps you get that water in.

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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/16/12 8:35 A

how about a green smoothie for breakfast. kale chips or sweet potato chips for snacks. the smoothie-- just put in things that you can eat. Don't need dairy-- I don't touch it either. I use almond milk which may not be an option for you, but water works just as well. Can you do coconut water?
have you seen a dietician or can your doctor suggest something? I am not so sure these forums are the best for your situation. Once you know what you can eat--- then definitely come back for the support, but until you can really determine what is out there safely for you from a dietician or the like--

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,165
11/16/12 7:35 A

How about an Avocado stuffed with crabmeat
Cottage cheese with matchstick carrots
Kashi 7 whole grain Puffs (organic Section $2.89 a box, no sugar, no sodium) with blueberries (70 calories a serving)
An apple which has tons of nutrients..zap it in the microwave and add cinnamon for flavor
Rye Toast with a tad of Jelly ontop
Oatmeal or Grits with berries
Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausages with some toasted Rye Bread
How about some steamed veggies? Even a spinach salad for breakfast sounds good to me..lots of nutrition too!

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11/16/12 7:02 A

Hi DONN2010

I think what you have to do is approach it this way.

I can't have XXXX. XXXX is a source of protein, carb, healthy fat, fiber etc.

What can I eat which will replace those components.

Keep it basic -
If you can't have eggs then try tofu or other sources of protein.
If you can't have nuts then try avocado or other sources of healthy fats.

Breakfast doesn't have to be a traditional breakfast it just has to basically be a protein, carb and healthy fat.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,102
11/16/12 6:27 A

You can make your own granola without nuts or seeds.
As far as breakfast goes: sandwiches, soups, stews, tacos, casseroles and many more things can easily be made without eggs in them. If you really want an omelet, quiche or scramble, use a vegan recipe so that it will use tofu in place of eggs.
As far as snacks fruits or veggies with cheese, hummus, yogurt, or crackers are all good snacks that can be made without nuts.
And unless you are using a recipe for nut milk, most of the time nuts can be left out.

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DONN2010 Posts: 8
11/16/12 6:02 A

I have alot of food allergies and they affect my allowable food intake - I cannot eat any nuts, peanut butter, seeds of any types, eggs. I have gone through many forums and can't see to find any suggestions as to what I can substitute for these items, nuts seems to be a fairly common suggestion for snacks. I have seen the suggestion of granola with yogurt, sounds yummy but a definite no no for me. Breakfast for me is one of the hardest meals, what can you eat that doesn't have eggs, snack what can you eat that doesnt involve nuts. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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