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BOB240 SparkPoints: (6,131)
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8/8/12 2:32 A

This is the most shocking thread I have ever read... emoticon

Chocolate is just brown stuff that looks a bit like plastic. As to whether it's good for you.... I would put a large amount of money on that research having been done by women!!!!!!! emoticon

Men are from Venus - women eat Mars.

8/8/12 1:51 A

I went two weeks without sugar/sweeteners (both natural and artificial). Best thing I ever did, btw. I was a coke/diet coke freak and I haven't had the stuff in almost three months. I've had a sip now and then and I can't stand it. Waaaay too sweet!!! I was also able to cut my sugar consumption waaaay down. But it isn't something for everyone...... Anyway, the two things I missed the most during that time were chocolate and a little sugar (I went from 4 Sugar in the Raws to 1) in my coffee. For a chocolate craving, I'd dip a banana in cocoa. I have also had cocoa in plain yogurt....but I've been known to eat cocoa straight. Haha. But with the banana, it was sweetness and chocolate without sugar or guilt.

I currently will eat 1 square (not always daily...but every few days) of Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate 90% Cocoa. A few of my teens and my sugar loving dh have tried it and can't stand it. I love it!!! The serving size is 4 squares, but one is perfect for me. Other chocolate I have is chocolate frozen yogurt now and then. And I still do the banana and cocoa. Yum.

Do NOT ever put cocoa in cottage cheese. It's really gross!!!

SUSANBEAMON Posts: 11,347
8/8/12 1:30 A

Add my opinion, there is no substitute for chocolate. The Aztecs rightly named it "food of the gods".Dark is more satisfying than milk, but the old Cadberry milk chocolate bar was blissful. I wish they still made it. The one that is now sold under that name is a poor copy. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

JANGENA Posts: 7
8/8/12 1:29 A

AmberLyn sugar free choc. Bar. 1/3 bar. A real treet. 56.5 calories. 3 gr fat. Just makes me happy!

LAZAR2 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/7/12 11:29 P

I don't think there is a substitute for chocolate, nor should there be. If you can work in some of your favorite chocolate in moderation, you will be far happier than if you try to satisfy yourself with something "not real."

Sometimes I try this low fat chocolate option: heat one cup of skim or 1% milk in the microwave. Mix in one tablespoon sugar and one tablespoon quality cocoa powder, and a drop of real vanilla extract. Stir well. Super rich and delicious. It is little high in sugar, but low in fat (my bigger issue).

GO_REN_GO Posts: 28
8/7/12 11:12 P

Lots of great tips here! I agree, it's insanely hard to not eat chocolate. I prefer dark myself (Safeway/Vons makes some great bars) and will eat a square at a time. I also enjoy chocolate coffee drinks, like Nescafe Mocha (100 calories a serving) or Starbucks VIA Mocha (60 calories apiece). They're nice to have in the office since all you need is hot water.

I also like to make my own chocolate-dipped strawberries. Just melt your chocolate carefully in the microwave (stir well between 15- to 30-second increments), dip, and place on a plastic wrap- or wax paper-covered plate in the fridge to firm up. Delicious treat for yourself or to share with others!

Something else I just had today that I'm kicking myself for not trying sooner -- banana soft serve with a tablespoon of plain cocoa powder. Add a peeled frozen banana to your food processor (I used my mini chopper) with a tablespoon of plain cocoa powder and process for a few minutes (pausing to scrape the sides if needed) until it resembles soft serve. Super easy and perfect for a hot afternoon!

Good luck and happy eating!

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8/7/12 10:27 P

mmmmmmmm.............. chocolate.... emoticon

AUDREYANNDEDE SparkPoints: (6,246)
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Posts: 55
8/7/12 10:01 P

If I really feel like eating chocolate, I'll eat it, in a controlled portion size. When I don't, I eat loads of things to try to replace it and still end up eating the chocolate, with the extra calories so... ;p

KFWOHLFORD SparkPoints: (3,013)
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Posts: 729
8/7/12 9:27 P

Or the healthy, natural peanut butter cup: split a date open, stick in half a square of chocolate and fill the rest with peanut butter.

May be healthy, low fat and low calories, but it really tastes like a proper dessert!

MADHATTER100 Posts: 54
8/7/12 9:01 P

Maybe try eating just one snack-size candy bar (not a whole bag)... or one mini reeces cup? My kids have a box of ice cream sandwiches in the freezer and I am avoiding them tonight... The package says they contain 160 calories each... That would still be a lot better than a full size candy bar. Do you know that I looked at the calories in a chocolate muffin at the convenience store and it was well over 400 calories? emoticon

EMMANYC Posts: 1,702
8/7/12 8:45 P

I don't seem to scarf down dark chocolate the way I do milk chocolate, so I can keep high quality dark chocolate around and just eat a couple of squares a day.

Also, although I try to stay away most of the time from artificially sweetened foods, I do keep some sugar-free, fat free (I know, Frankenfood) Jello chocolate pudding in the fridge. When I have a craving and need chocolate and volume, that works for me. Also, pudding fills me up - and it's only 60 calories. I probably eat one or two a week for a snack.

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
8/7/12 8:43 P

I've never been crazy about milk chocolate but do enjoy dark chocolate.

I've found a couple that are nutritionally defensible and keep them on hand. I can easily stop at one square or even half a square.

In the summer I keep a few Skinny Cow chocolate brownie cups in the freezer. Something really cold and chocolatey is pretty appealing at times, although at 150 cal. each it's not an item I reach for often.

That being said, most of the time I'd rather have fresh, ripe seasonal fruit.

JELLYBEAN007 Posts: 445
8/7/12 8:40 P

Chocolate was hard for me. Finally, I decided to switch to really good dark chocolate, and to allow myself a small amount (1 square or row of a bar) every day. Because I didn't feel deprived (if I want more, I can have it tomorrow) I quickly got over the chocolate cravings that used to sabotage my diet. Now, I can eat just a small amount, once in a while, and I'm satisfied.
If you're able to control portions and can find a dark chocolate bar that you like, it might be worth a try!

8/7/12 6:17 P

When I can't handle it anymore, I heat up about 10 oz of milk with a spoon full of honey (more body friendly than sugar, and not many calories for a spoon) add a titch of vanilla, pinch of salt, and something like 1/4 cup of my favorite cocoa powder. Yes, it's still chocolate, but if it's calories your worried about, this has been my best solution so far, because a mug full fills you up.

8/7/12 6:06 P

BOB240 said: "geeeeeze... women and chocolate....
How about no chocolate as an alternative??
Or am I just being silly?"

I'm a guy... women are smart, chocolate has a lot of nutrients and good stuff in it. I also really love having chocolate from time to time. Milk chocolate for me, though. Even though dark chocolate supposedly has excellent health benefits for men (not just women), I really prefer milk chocolate. Never gonna give it up. That, or coffee. :)

If I'm going to have it, though, I'm going to get very high quality gourmet chocolate and treat it like the treat it is.

As for a substitute, and to answer the OP's question about substitutes, I often get carob chips, peanut butter chips and yogurt chips from the bulk whole foods store. They're similar to chocolate chips for cooking, but they do add a sweetener for taste (depends on the brand and type), and I'll have a few chips instead of eating a whole bar of chocolate. They also have white chocolate chips, which are available at places like Trader Joe's or Whole Foods Market. Pretty good, all of them.

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8/7/12 5:58 P

I just had a 90 calorie Fiber One Brownie and loved it! It was really good and took care of my chocolate craving!

WALKSINLIGHT SparkPoints: (58,454)
Fitness Minutes: (41,372)
Posts: 276
8/7/12 5:39 P

There is definitely something in the old adage 'a little of what you fancy does you good' emoticon Really, it is all about moderation isn't it?

KANACHII Posts: 24
8/7/12 5:05 P

I eat a couple of squares of dark chocolate for my chocolate fix. I like the Dove chocolates, they have a nice little motivational message on the inside.

Dark chocolate is rich enough that you can nix your craving without going overboard on it.

Chocolate also has so many benefits - you may as well get your fix and a few benefits. Having a little bit once in a great while is okay.

WALKSINLIGHT SparkPoints: (58,454)
Fitness Minutes: (41,372)
Posts: 276
8/7/12 4:58 P

Sugar free chocolate cups
Healthy choice Fudge Bars (SO, SO good AND not a calorie buster)
Chocolate - Dove dark mini squares
There really is no substitute for the real thing - you just end up filling up with junk and still want the chocolate. I mean, would you settle for a scaled down version of a spouse or child??

LPAOLI Posts: 150
8/7/12 4:46 P

In my book there is no such a thing as a substitute for chocolate.

What about planning out your day's calories and allowing yourself to have a little chocolate? Maybe with a skinny cow chocolate ice cream bar or 3 mini chocolates?

I love chocolate and have learned to keep it in my diet by portion control.

DAYSPRING-STAR SparkPoints: (35,229)
Fitness Minutes: (11,022)
Posts: 1,263
8/7/12 4:44 P

When I crave chocolate, and yes it happens 2 or 3 days a month, nothing can separate me and my chocolate. So I splurge on 80% or higher cocoa dark chocolate. Right now I have Lindt Excellence Extra Dark. One square usually takes care of my craving, sometimes two. I can work this into my nutrition plan. I also like the convenience and flexibility of good quality dark chocolate chips but have a difficult time finding the high cocoa count I want. Milk chocolate... it's more of a binge trigger for me because it doesn't satisfy me anymore. Rather, it is a sweet tease and makes me want more.

GDBEAR65 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 574
8/7/12 4:34 P

There is no substitute for chocolate. Buy dark chocolate and only have a couple of squares per day. I get Swiss Delice 72% cocoa chocolate at Costco - 1kg bag of individual squares is only $12 - each square is 33 calories.

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JESSIE599 Posts: 77
8/7/12 4:25 P

For me, it was THAT time of the month and my cravings were going to KILL me. I ended up finding a recipe on spark people for black bean brownies. I tweaked it a bit to add more protein (chocolate protein powder - YUM!). And they saved me. Now I make them every month. I can petty much have desert every night for under 95 calories. Soooooooo worth it. I do not feel like I have to say no to the things I love anymore. Not I find substitutions. emoticon

AIRAMEI SparkPoints: (16,200)
Fitness Minutes: (18,301)
Posts: 251
8/7/12 2:56 P

Nothing really. But I find that if I have a bad chocolate craving that it is best to just do it because otherwise later on I eat other things to compensate and it ends up being more calories, AND I still want the chocolate.

I find that the darker, the better it takes away the craving, and I don't have to eat as much. Trader Joe's has some really good 73% Dark chocolate bars and I just eat one square.

8/7/12 2:44 P

I agree with everyone else -- I'd rather have an occasional small amount of the real thing than try and substitute. 1 miniature bar of milk chocolate is like 35 calories. Big deal.
I'm not a person who inhales large amounts of sweets, though. If I even bother to have any at all, it will be a small amount and that will be it. I do have other food struggles, but too many sweets has never been one of them!

FIT4LIFE11111 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,194)
Posts: 50
8/7/12 2:34 P

Why not try some soy chocolate milk? Or drink some carnation breakfast (making the chocolate milk healthy!). Or you can do what I do and eat Special K with Chocolate. The calories and fat are about the same but there are chocolate pieces in it.

ANDREAG89 SparkPoints: (27,515)
Fitness Minutes: (21,299)
Posts: 552
8/7/12 2:01 P

The responses to this question make me laugh - because most of us are giving advice for how to eat chocolate, because there is no substitute!

Cocoa powder, Truvia, and skim milk make a good mug of hot chocolate - it's warm and therefore filling, and feels like a true treat.

There are lots of flavors of dark chocolate out there now that aren't the nasty bitter that they used to be. Look for the good quality stuff and eat it slowly, paying attention to the portion size.

HOLALOLA SparkPoints: (32,924)
Fitness Minutes: (92,058)
Posts: 280
8/7/12 1:56 P

There is no substitute for chocolate (sorry Bob!) But I've become more particular about how much and how often and what kind. And I always track it.

Dark chocolate is acidic and bothers my stomach. Milk chocolate has a lot of sugar and bothers my throat. I'm totally off the standard candy bars now (it took years of weaning.)

Now I buy higher quality chocolate and eat smaller portions. Or I'll have a small piece of chocolate cake, which doesn't bother my stomach or throat. Also good are home made banana muffins with chocolate chips--some chocolate but also fruit. Another good one is Breyer's chocolate ice cream. Half a cup is about 130 calories and only 5 ingredients.

You could also try hot chocolate--around 80 cals. or even less for the low-sugar ones. I used to take one or two of the fun-size Hershey's chocolate (40 cal. each) and break them up into 8 pieces each to make them last longer. I've heard that people have had luck with tootsie rolls or tootsie pops.

The last week or two I haven't even had any real cravings for chocolate. I know this won't last but it's nice for the time being. We have so much delicious summer fruit in the house that I can bypass the chocolate, for now.

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CATMAGNET SparkPoints: (40,431)
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Posts: 1,183
8/7/12 1:50 P

Bob, I must be a weird woman, because I really don't miss chocolate.

And guess what? Football is better than chocolate! Can't wait until the season starts...GO STEELERS!

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
8/7/12 1:15 P

The sugar-free Jello Pudding Cups in the chocolate flavors worked well for me until I was able to curb my cravings and stick with just 1-2 squares of dark chocolate. The pudding cups are only 60 calories, but still big enough to feel like a treat.

ANTI_M SparkPoints: (9,194)
Fitness Minutes: (1,229)
Posts: 201
8/7/12 1:13 P

Bob, silly doesn't begin to cover it!

Chocolate is not evil, it is a good food in moderate amounts. You just have to figure out what chocolate variety is most satisfying, a balance of how much is enough and how much fits in to your daily nutrition, and how to limit your access to that balanced choice.

I vary mine, mixing it up keeps my tastebuds from getting bored, a personal hazard. Right now my treat is Brookside dark chocolate pomegranate. Next week I'm going to have organic single serve chocolate milk. I just can't have both in the house at the same time or I'll eat moderate amounts of both, which blows the moderation concept. Some weeks I go without, and have one decadent thing on the weekend instead of a week of nibbles.

BRITOMART Posts: 8,157
8/7/12 1:12 P

You'd get more positive nutrition from dark chocolate; most milk chocolate is just trouble in a package.

The other thing about dark, it satisfies with less.

There is nothing like good chocolate, and it's worth it (if you really like choc) to work it sensibly into your life.

MSCHELLEZ SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,800)
Posts: 130
8/7/12 1:09 P

It's better than football and often more satisfying than sex emoticon

BOB240 SparkPoints: (6,131)
Fitness Minutes: (1,285)
Posts: 359
8/7/12 12:51 P

geeeeeze... women and chocolate....

How about no chocolate as an alternative?? emoticon

Or am I just being silly?

JMOUSE99 SparkPoints: (194,733)
Fitness Minutes: (98,582)
Posts: 6,253
8/7/12 12:34 P

I love milk chocolate but I'm so-so about the dark. I decided that if I'm going to have a treat once in a while I'll make it milk chocolate more often than not. If I'm going to splurge on the calories I may as well enjoy it thoroughly

KFWOHLFORD SparkPoints: (3,013)
Fitness Minutes: (2,581)
Posts: 729
8/7/12 12:31 P

For a low sugar substitute, try dark chocolate instead. If you really just prefer milk, then limit yourself to a one inch square. Go for quality, not quantity. Or, buy dates, peel them and roll them in cocoa. They're sweet as candy but it's from the fruit, and 2 dates is only 60 calories!

If you have a hundred calories or so to spare on a dessert:

-lowfat chocolate milk or frozen yogurt
-kozy shack chocolate pudding
-hot cocoa
-chocolate soymilk.

Chocolate milk has the benefit of adding a serving of protein as well.

MSCHELLEZ SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,800)
Posts: 130
8/7/12 12:08 P

I can't stand milk chocolate. I prefer dark Belgian chocolate and find that there is no substitute for me.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
8/7/12 11:59 A

There is no substitute for chocolate!!!!

JUNQUEMALED SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (921)
Posts: 475
8/7/12 11:42 A

Real choc-o-holic checking in here . . .

Started with Sugar Free Pudding cups - pretty intense flavor - and 60 calories each if you look for them - there's also 100 calorie ones (go figure??)

Graduated to Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle Yogurt Bars - 100 Calories -

Just so you know it works - I bought a "Pounder Plus" Dark Chocolate bar from Trader Joes a few weeks ago - broke it into 75 calorie squares - put it in a jar in the pantry - and have been in it only once! Those yogurt bars, however, have become somewhat of a nightly ritual that I allocate calories for every day as I'm planning.

Choose how much and what kind - and allow yourself to enjoy what you have chosen. Make the decision up front so you have no regrets!

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C_DONE Posts: 233
8/7/12 11:36 A

Dark, dark expensive 86% cacao chocolate in tiny dissolve- in- your- mouth bites is an utter delight! If a change in lifestyle is forthcoming, chocolate being a true pleasure in quality life should be included! Who can't have a 40 calorie serving a day? Skip a slice of bland worthless low-calorie bread instead and live life!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,459
8/7/12 11:29 A

A good substitute for milk chocolate is dark chocolate. There are benefits to chocolate that outweigh the fat and calories.

Personally I am not and never will be into diet chocolate. I would rather give it up all together than to eat fake chocolate

Edited by: MANDIETERRIER1 at: 8/7/2012 (11:46)
GOOGYSPO Posts: 28
8/7/12 11:15 A

There just aren't any good substitutes for chocolate. Truth!!!

Dark chocolate, as others have mentioned, is healthier for you than milk chocolate.

I love knock-off-brand, no added-sugar ice cream sandwiches. I found one that has chocolate ice cream in it. 140 calories for the whole sandwich.

Chocolate Whipps are really good, too.

8/7/12 8:48 A

yoplait no fat chocolate whips. you can actually put them in the freezer

NICKYCRANE SparkPoints: (86,379)
Fitness Minutes: (47,042)
Posts: 1,317
8/7/12 8:35 A

I'll try chocolate pudding!
Incidentally try this webpage!

I tried chocolate pudding. Think I need to give it a workover. Or stick to choc frappe or ice cream, where I seem to get more taste with less honey. But it was worth trying - maybe it wants the banana - to stop me going bananas!

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JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
8/7/12 8:03 A

If you don't want to figure in room for real chocolate, try mixing some cocoa powder with Greek yogurt (vanilla or plain) for some "pudding". My three year old loves her pudding! You could also get some fat free/sugar free pudding and make it or get the pudding cups. Maybe some Nutella or chocolate flavored peanut butter on toast. Still has fat and calories, but it's good fat, and on some whole wheat toast, might be a more filling snack than a square of chocolate.

NICKYCRANE SparkPoints: (86,379)
Fitness Minutes: (47,042)
Posts: 1,317
8/7/12 7:33 A

For my chocolate (and caffeine) fix, I have moccha frappe for breakfast (Milk, ice, frozen banana, 2 tsp brown sugar, cinnamon, chili pepper, instant coffee, about 1 tsp cocoa powder), and possibly the same, minus the coffee, and with extra cocoa, at night. Sometimes I make a stir crazy chocolate cake, no fat, lots of cocoa, soft consistency, so it works out as a low calorie chocolate fudge cake. I've started using sugar instead of sweetener as I found I was getting sugar cravings. And my weight is going down!

LORNALOO3 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,399)
Posts: 33
8/7/12 7:08 A

Dark chocolate with almonds, you'll get much more out of it nutritionally than straight milk chocolate. Remember, only a little bit and make sure to include it in your calorie count. I've learned allowing myself a little here and there goes a long way in preventing a PMS binge on it.

AUDREYUK Posts: 631
8/7/12 4:41 A

Going from milk chocolate to dark chocolate would be a step in the right direction! It is hard (for me at least) to over eat dark chocolate. I have 1-2 squares of it a day and it really hits the spot. If I was eating milk chocolate it would be MUCH harder not to eat 10x that much.

I buy Lindt chocolate most of the time--it comes anywhere from 70 to 90% dark chocolate. The bar costs more than a Hershey's but it will last you longer and you'll have consumed less calories overall.


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BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
8/7/12 3:38 A

Not that I have found! I'd rather have a small amount of the real thing than waste my calories on something inferior.

DOE1164 Posts: 103
8/7/12 1:39 A

Has anyone found something that tastes almost as good as milk chocolate (I say "almost"as there's no substitue for chocolate!) but without the high fat content and calories?

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