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1/12/14 4:32 P

I don't like chicken at all, or most fish, and I can eat healthily and lose weight without them. I'm also not fond of turkey and won't eat lamb or veal, so you can see that this does limit my choices.

I do like most pork and beef and can make choices that are reasonable for calories and fat, with some research and care. Yes, I know that the chicken, at least, is a hangup of mine, and mostly mental, due I think to living on a farm when young and having our own chickens. One summer we had many, many chickens to butcher and eat. I still can't stand the smell of fried chicken.

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1/12/14 3:02 P

Thank you for all the good tips. I will be trying some of them.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
1/12/14 1:11 P

Pork frequently is a substitute for chicken, although I find it dry and sometimes not very tasty. Get a big shoulder roast or brisket and put it in your slow cooker! yum Add some BBQ sauce. I don't think I've discovered any kids who don't like BBQ.

Does he dislike ALL chicken, or just some types? I can't stand the present fad of the boneless-skinless breast. Dry enough to choke you going down, and tasteless to boot. Next it will be boneless, skinless, CHICKENLESS chicken. Bleah. Try some different cooking methods. I love poached chicken. I like stewed or fricaseed chicken. Sauteed with a sauce can be good. Try some chicken thighs! they taste so much better, and aren't so dry. And don't discard the skin. That's pure flavor. My favorite two chicken recipes are ridiculously simple, and taste great.

Beef isn't a bad alternative. Beef gets too much bad rap. It's too heavy for me on a daily basis, but we eat it a couple times a week anyway.
I also love lamb. My favorite method with that is to season it with my favorite dry rub and put it in our rotisserie cooker. Very yummy.
How does he feel about fish? There's so many good varieties of fish available frozen now... I like the precooked shrimp, too. All you have to do with those is pull out a portion and thaw them. Done. For that matter, if you don't mind cooking them, I've bought those enormous raw shrimp from Sam's™ and grilled them, or made delectable scampi or Newburg. I especially love Coquille St Jacques with those monster scallops you can also get at Sam's™. Seafood is a bit more expensive, but it's a wonderful treat, and very quick to make, for the most part.

I suppose soy "meats" might be an option... but it's not a very healthy one unless you use the fermented versions. Soy isn't really the health food it's promoted to be. There are other real meat options. Try them! Experiment with different cooking styles, not just different recipes. You might find your son would be less resistant to chicken in other forms.

Good luck!

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1/12/14 8:21 A

firm tofu often works as well, especially in asian dishes.

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1/12/14 6:06 A

You can substitute any meat in any recipe. Cut up the chicken so that he doesn't notice it is chicken (shredded or small chunks). Sometimes this works with my son (his aversions are tomatoes and onions, which I put in everything). If you can, leave the chicken out and make it a veggie meal… or you can add other proteins like cheese, nuts, tofu. If you can't go without, it's ok if he doesn't enjoy every meal as much as you do!

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1/12/14 4:36 A

A lot depends on the recipe, but lean pork can work, as can fish or beef.

Below is link to The Mayo Clinic's Heart-healthy recipes - Perhaps there are some in there that will take your fancy, AND his :-)

This link is another really good one for healthy recipes, so worth taking a look at:

Good luck,

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1/11/14 11:38 P

Help. My son is not a big chicken eater. He likes meat. Most recipes I see are with chicken and look really good. Can you suggest what kind of meat to substitute for these recipes?


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