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5/24/13 6:19 A

I'm not quite sure what calendar you mean, but I'll take your word for it.

As I'm trying to view this as a healthy lifestyle, rather than a diet; whatever starting point that's shown is sort of irrelevant, other than the fact that I've begun to get healthy - that's it!

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5/23/13 7:14 P

Weight loss is a personal choice, and only your business. Don't worry about others.

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5/23/13 6:46 P

Please don't think of this as a "Diet" that has a start/end---- it really is about making more healthy decisions----what you choose to do to take care of yourself---- that can include exercise, changing what you eat, how much sleep you get, tracking yourself, and simply reading informative articles and these message boards.....

But back to your question: I highly suspect you are Not Alone in your feelings. But even so, you are a unique person, and your feelings matter!! So respect them; they are part of you.

I hope you are not actually waiting to at least "try out" the Spark recommendations until the beginning of the month though....(I see you have lots of points and fitness minutes already!!) If you haven't actually started Tracking for this month yet perhaps you could begin today, and consider the next 8 days as "Practice" time???

Regarding the Monthly display....remember if you want--YOU are the ONLY one who sees it!! (There are privacy settings you can access...) And you already know the end of this month was just practice time.... emoticon
Same thing goes if you get off a few days in the month--You Already Know its going to be there, so its OK!!

Just keep making healthy decisions one day at a time! I hope you have a great month coming up!!

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5/23/13 5:54 P

I want to see if I'm alonen this, it bothers me to start a diet any time other than the beginning of the month, especially on this site because it shows the monthly calendar and it makes me feel guilty if only half the month is filled out, whereas if it's the beginning of the month I don't get the anxiety that I've given up my diet before.. anyone else?

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