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8/11/11 6:46 A

If you have energy to read while exercising- cruise control.. It is healthy to have pause from studying and many people feel a new energy when returning to the books efter exercising..

You get out of this journey what you put into.. If your so busy you can't keep a normal routine- slow down on life.. Stress is a silent killer.. Also make sure the edcuation you go efter leads to a job- I read many people taking 2 or 3 educations and still no luck..

Life experience gets alot of students in the resthome business kicked out.. They know the theory but have no actual experience talking to the elderly.. Shock some of the elderly are clear and relevant..
They are not just items you wash and dress- they require you to also know about the times they lived in to struck up a conversation!

Also if you don't understand why a person is tight with money- then you never read up about the depression years and how hard it was to get anything to eat in the bad old days.. Alot of young students especially nurses didn't get jobs this year as they are brainy, just not at what we need them for! People relations, gift of the gab and working knowledge of the past..

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CLARISSA1980 Posts: 1,503
8/11/11 12:00 A

The only time that I can read when I am exercising is when I am riding my stationary bike...I can still keep up my pace while I focus on the reading. Reading makes the 12 miles go by SO much faster..!!!!

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,412
8/10/11 9:38 P

Personally, I think that trying to read while exercising makes it hard to keep up with the intensity of your workout - for one thing there is a naturally tendency to slow your movements to keep the visual field more stable. In terms of studying and working out, a better approach may be to focus solely on increasing the intensity of your workout, so as to burn the same number of calories in less time, leaving you more time to study afterwards.

One possible compromise may be to listen to an audiobook/podcast while working out - this at least avoids the visual field issue.


IVFNURSE1 Posts: 138
8/10/11 5:18 P

The only way I was ever able to study while working out was to listen to recorded notes or lectures however even though, during my tougher intensity sessions, I found myself zoning out and just focusing on my body but that's just me.

SARAHL817 Posts: 2,383
8/10/11 4:32 P

When I was in college, I used to see people bring notes to study to the gym all the time and read them on the treadmill and elliptical.

I can read on the treadmill. I've never tried on the elliptical, but I'd imagine I probably could.

I think it depends on how well you can maintain a stable visual image and if you get motion sickness.

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8/10/11 4:29 P

I can't read while exercising, and can't read while in a moving car or bus either.

i can listen to music and watch TV on the treadmill- reading would make me dizzy or cause me to lose my balance!

MARYALICE411 Posts: 31,647
8/10/11 4:25 P

I tried, I slowed down so much I don't think I was getting any real exercise.

8/10/11 3:50 P

If it's on a treadmill, no way. If it's on an elliptical, studying actually helps me keep my heart rate up. Otherwise I'll start focusing on the elliptical too much, how many calories I'm burning, etc. I'll keep my focus on what I'm reading since I can keep my balance on the elliptical fairly well :)

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8/10/11 3:48 P

You know..normally I see people bring a book or shall I say novel. I like to think they are reading bits between gym sets, BUT! a few I've seen place their books on the treadmill and just read away. I have no idea how but, personally.. I could never do this! I like to get my heart rate up to med-high intensity and reading at that point would be impossible. haha

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8/10/11 3:38 P

Has anyone had luck combining studying while on a treadmill or an elliptical?

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