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5/29/11 9:00 P

You are in the right place! You might want to try joining a fun challenge on SP. There are tons of SP (
nge.asp) and user-created (
_category.asp?CatID=66) challenges available. Maybe the 10-minute exercise streak challenge would be a good place to start? The "initial jump" should be more of an initial crawl. Ease yourself into a new lifestyle. Weight-loss is a result of a healthy lifestyle, not the other way around! Good luck!

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
5/29/11 6:52 P

HALF12PINT- I'm not an expert, but I would say as long as you have your doctor's OK, move as much as you can! If all you can do is walk, walk! It doesn't have to be that long. Start very small. Even if it's just walking down to the end of the street, it wouldn't hurt. Another thing you can do if you're not able to walk very far or easily, is move in your seat! Put on some motivational music and just dance to it in your seat! Wave your arms around and just have fun with it. There are so many ways that you can start this journey, but it has to start with you. You don't need Bob or Jillian. You don't need anyone else because in the end this is yours. No one else is going to have to live with the decisions you make. Other can't be as motivated for you as you are because they're not you. It won't affect anyone else physically if you exercise or not. It's still your decision to make. It's just about making the choice.
You can do it!

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5/29/11 2:35 P

Welcome Half12Pint - It is only with you taking one step that leads to another and another. We all get stuck at some point - even if we have some success - at times - we backslide and that is were i am right now. I have to remind myself to take one step and build on it again and again. I wish you the courage to take one step today and rejoice in that one step and tomorrow try and build on it again. God Bless emoticon emoticon

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5/29/11 1:03 P

I have been a heavy women, if I could have done this journey with a web site alone.. I would be a rich women, writing books.. I had to loss half my body weight, so got help from a reputable weight watchers type organisation in my area.. Now I have the weight off and the nutrition rules in place I am holding my own without the meetings..

I simply followed the instructions and never deviated from the plans... If our own methods don't work, we fall off the wagon all the time, then the face to face approach may help..

I had a couple of dietitians whom sat me down and explained stuff.. I kept going to the meetings, purchased cook books and asked questions..

I weight my food, I plan it for work and I have meals ready for the evenings I am home late.. I now make food look like eye candy, this is the key to avoid boredom.. I also walked from A to B (power poles) until I had the energy to go further.. As I lost weight I was able to walk further..

Don't look at all the exercise programs on sparks and give up, do this at your pace.. emoticon

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5/29/11 1:01 P

Welcome to SparkPeople, Half12pint. Have you explored the first "fastbreak" materials of the SparkPeople program? It's a great place to start. The links to the materials are on your "Start Page" and I encourage you to explore them.

The fastbreak (or "stage 1' of the SparkPeople plan) will help you set realistic goals to help you get started. They help you build your motivation and meeting those initial goals helps give you confidence that you can achieve more goals. That's the key to getting started -- setting modest goals that you can meet. As you meet your first modest goals, it builds your confidence in a way that encourages you to set and meet bigger goals.

Baby steps. Take baby steps in the right direction and they will start adding up. Focus on establilshing some healthy habits and let those healthy habits serve as a foundation for a long term healthy lifestyle. That's how you get started.

You might also want to read some of the success stories of the people here. With a little exploring, you'll find a lot of people who started out as "down in the dumps" as you feel now -- who went on to accomplish amazing things. Their stories truly are inspirational.

Good luck!

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5/29/11 12:23 P

Any suggestions for the initial jump to lose weight? I'm seem to be stuck. I am heavy as a result of medication- which I did stop taking- but ohhh so badly wish I could take it again. But my body suffered dearly and just can't seem to handle the extra weight, Everyday I stare up the stairs in my house and give a heavy sigh to the thought of walking up them. I literally feel as though I have sand bags strapped to my body and cant move. Everyday new aches and pains. I want so desperately to help myself (Lord nows doctors don't seem to care-let alone want to help- so I know its up to me to figure this one out) But how do you start when it's all you can do move from a to b? I dont have Bob and Jillian to challange me. And the weight has made me- plain lazy I guess. I want to live a happy and active life. I always did before. But this initial start is what is holding me back. Any motivating thoughts would be a God send right now............

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