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"Stuck- on a plateau"

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Posts: 2,109
4/5/13 12:57 P

The thing that helps me when I am stuck on a plateau is to always continue tracking. But the biggest thing is I try for the higher range in protein and the lowest range in carbs plus adding more exercise and "Voila" the scale begins to move down again! Hope that helps.

Posts: 1,341
4/5/13 12:13 P

I just blogged on this, it's called Love your plateaus, check it out here
Basically I think plateaus are your bod assimilating your new weight, a good thing!

Posts: 507
4/5/13 10:13 A

I wouldn't lower calories any more than you already have - that could put you into starvation mode. Lots of times having a good cheat meal now and then will jump start your metabolism and get your weight loss moving. I don't know what you eat on a daily basis, but lots of times eliminating (or at least greatly reducing) grains, especially wheat and gluten products and dairy can help get things moving again too. I was struggling with 10 pounds recently, so I followed the Virgin Diet for a couple months (eliminate 7 foods - sugar and artificial sweeteners, gluten, dairy, soy, corn, peanuts, and eggs for 21 days) and got rid of those 10 pounds.

Posts: 1,063
4/5/13 10:06 A

emoticon Hope you're still enjoying SP. Happy spring. emoticon

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Posts: 37
4/16/12 10:51 P

I'm stuck also. I've lost 64 lbs pretty steadily - about 1-2 lbs a week and now the scale is staying put. I want to lose 25 more, but I guess if I'm stuck here for a while it's ok as long as it doesn't go back up. I've gotten rid of all my fat clothes - never going back there.

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Posts: 18
4/16/12 5:59 P

Hi, new to this forum. I am just stuck period!!!!!!!! Low energy and no motivation, how do I get motivated???? Okay now for you :) I read that if you change your routine, mix it up, it shocks the body to work again. Say if you did 1, 2, & 3 on Mon, Tue, & Wed, change it to 3,1 & 2 or toss in 4 or 5 in place. It said the body gets use to doing the same routine over & over and it needs a change. may help if you plateau again. emoticon

Posts: 1,017
4/15/12 6:29 P

When I get stuck, I try to get in two workouts a day. Elliptical in the morning and fitness class after work. It takes time, but it is worth it! emoticon

Posts: 551
4/14/12 8:12 A

emoticon well, finally the scales moved again! emoticon

Posts: 551
4/12/12 8:44 A

I have been at the same weight for about 4 weeks now. I need help. Must I lower my calories again? currently eating 1200-1500. I feel like I would starve if I go down any more. Of course, I could workout more if I had the time and felt like it I guess. Need help! emoticon

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