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EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
12/7/11 11:14 P

I struggle with 5 too!

ATHENA1966 Posts: 3,954
12/7/11 8:50 P

Well I think you should consider your starting this thread as a positive thing! You have given us all something positive to think about.

PEORIAPOLE SparkPoints: (61,163)
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12/7/11 8:36 P

Part of the exercise was to find anything that could be claimed as a positive, from saving a life to picking up the towel that missed the garbage can. I think the idea is to start noticing that we do actually do good things during the day, but it is hard recognize them when you don't think much of yourself. It's the very basic point of creating a positive attitude toward yourself.

Much like chanting the mantra "I like myself, I like myself...." but I just plain feel silly doing that.

Thanks for the input


DEDE824 SparkPoints: (136,158)
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12/7/11 8:21 P

But to me, "I cleaned my room today" is a positive, whether we're 10 or 80. When we look at only big accomplishments as being positive, we set the bar so high we set ourselves up for failure! Only my opinion!

PARICARP SparkPoints: (15,762)
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12/7/11 3:00 P

I agree with the other posts. 5 is quite a lot for a busy lifestyle... it would leave me saying things such as "I cleaned my room today" or something pointless like that.

R3DROBIN Posts: 1,389
12/7/11 2:58 P

honestly i wud say dont stress over it! who says you have to have 5 positive things every single day? what fairy tale do they live in? we all have bad days....days where it seems every thing goes wrong. if you can only figure 3 good things at the end of the day then be happy about that! if you can only figure 1 then be happy with that. if you cant think of anything then just go to bed and try again tomorrow! :)
we have enough stress in our life....dont put more things on yourself just becuz of an article you read :)

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (78,802)
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12/7/11 2:32 P

Think of all the actions that led to one positive outcome. Positive outcomes are rarely by chance. They are the result of several conscious actions. All those little actions too count as positive outcomes.

DEDE824 SparkPoints: (136,158)
Fitness Minutes: (17,942)
Posts: 9,450
12/7/11 2:14 P

You might consciously do 5 positive things, keeping a mental list as you do them, things such as "smiled at the checker and made a conscious effort to be pleasant" or "let someone else have the parking place near the door while you park where walking is required'. At Christmas, these would really be appreciated and it would get you aware of doing positive things that you're probably already doing anyway. And your Christmas gift to yourself could be "being kind to self". emoticon
Hope you're having a wonderful day!

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NEEDTOLOSE100LB Posts: 243
12/7/11 2:10 P

I didn't think I struggled with self-esteem, but also find it hard to come up with 5 each day. I think just the act of thinking about it and putting it in writing is beneficial. I am sure it will come easier soon.

PEORIAPOLE SparkPoints: (61,163)
Fitness Minutes: (128,232)
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12/7/11 2:03 P

So, I read an article that suggested that at the end of the day, you write down 5 positive things you did today.

I struggle to get 3 sometimes, let alone 5. I guess I do have low self esteem, Well, maybe it will become easier.


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