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1/12/14 6:16 P

Thank you for the feedback! This is why I appreciate this site so much :)

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1/12/14 3:57 P

After a quick peek at your Nutrition Tracker, and noting your exercise, it is quite likely that you haven't been eating enough for the amount of exercise you have been doing. I also note that sweets were a fair bit to do with your eating that amount. If you are hungry, you are best to turn to food with nutrition - think wholegrain bread with peanut butter ; a hard boiled egg or piece of fruit.

One day isn't going to derail your efforts, but do make sure that you eat enough.


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1/10/14 8:38 P

For starters, how has your last week or so looked? Average your calories from the last 6 or 7 days with today. Odds are, you are under your goal overall (or at least a lot closer to it). We tend to lose the forest for the is the overall, day in, day out stuff that ultimately matters, more than just one day.

Also, 360 calories over on one day isn't going to make you gain, especially since your ranges are already taking some off of the number of calories you need to maintain. Worst case you lose a tenth of a pound less this week. :-)

KATIEMAE10 Posts: 202
1/10/14 8:19 P

So my tracking today was 2,000 calories. Which was 360 calories over my range. I feel like I ate enough today, because it was a really " hungry" day, but I'm afraid it is going to derail my weight loss goals. Can anyone help give me insight into my concerns? Thanks!

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